I am not a full-on green beauty blogger - while I love natural products, I don't think I'll make the big step to rule out anything that isn't completely organic. Nevertheless, today I decided to put together a collection of my favourite natural products, and what is even better, they are all budget friendly. A lot of natural brands can be quite expensive, so I thought it would be nice to have a guide to a few brands and products which I love and are pretty inexpensive as well.

Starting off with a brand most of us know, I'd like to mention LUSH. A brand that is widely popular for their natural products and uses ethical ingredients, they have cosmetics that are also appropriate for vegans (as a lot of natural products use beeswax, this is quite welcome). I am a big fan of their Grease Lightning spot treatment which I use almost every day - it is infused with tea tree, so it smells wonderful, and it actually really helps with drying oily areas and reducing blemish size. Costs around 10€.

Next up we have Dr. Scheller. I've tried a few products from them and all have been lovely. What I like is the scents - they are gentle and very inoffensive, but still noticeable. Recently I've been using their Pomegranate Wash Gel, which removes traces of makeup and cleanses my face. I also like their Bio-Hyaluron & Amlaöl First Wrinkles Reducing Care. Now for the life of me I cannot tell you what Amlaöl is, even after Googling/Google Translating it, but it's a lovely moisturizer to wear under my makeup. Products range in cost from 5-10€.

Another favourite is Weleda. I have had their Skin Food moisturizer for about half a year and it comes in really handy with colds and dry patches as it really calms down the skin. Since it's so thick and potent, it calms down irritated areas really fast and prevents skin from peeling. A must-have for colder months, but can be used in the summertime as well. Price is around 7€.

MU London is a brand that is getting more and more coverage lately. I have their White Chocolate Moisturizer and oh my days, it smells wonderful - I'd like to eat it straight out of the pot. It's very potent and thick, applies like an oil and is perfect to use during the night time. It really nourishes the skin and softens it considerably. This is the most expensive product I have included costing around 20€, but I think it's well worth it.

A welcome addition to mine and Tilen's skincare drawer have been B Skincare products. I have been using the Aloe Vera Moisturizer, which is surprisingly thick for a product with aloe vera - I'm used to it being quite runny. But this is really rich, and it still sinks into my skin very fast, so there is no annoying residue left on the skin. Tilen has been using the Soothing Aftershave Balm, and he says he quite likes it, it has a nice scent, sinks in well, is refreshing - and on top of it all, it doesn't sting his skin after shaving like other products of this kind. Both of the products cost around 7 pounds, translating to about 10€, which I think is great. The items are not tested on animals, contain no parabens, SLS, fragrances, palm oil or lanolin and they are handmade weekly, so you always get a fresh product. You can order from their website here.

And finally, a firm favourite is also Lavera, and I of course forgot to include their products in the photos, but it doesn't mean I don't like them! If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll actually know I've loved Lavera for a while, especially their cleansing facial gels, which I've mentioned time and time again. I also really like their makeup and want to try more skincare as well - but I can tell you the sensitive & combination skin cleansers are definitely winners in my book. The cleansers cost around 6€.

What is your favourite budget green brand?