I know I've gotten stuck in a blogging rut before, and it's no fun! I thought I'd post 15 ideas for beauty posts which all of us should be able to do. Another tip is to write some ideas down as soon as you get them, for future reference. Let's get on to the post ideas now ...

1. New beauty brands to discover
A selection of products from less well-known brands you love. 
2. Best products for fine hair
You can replace fine with your personal hair type.
3. How I edit blog photos
I would personally love it if more posts like this went up!
4. Everyday lip products
We don't want to wear neon everyday, so show us some awesome neutral picks.
5. How to make your blog stand out & be unique
Tell us your tips & tricks.
6. Favourite iPhone & Android applications
What do you use to edit your photos? What social media do you use? Do you play any games on your phone?
7. How to promote your blog
Do you use Twitter or Facebook? Advertise on other blogs? Tell us your secret weapon!
8. Bath-time must haves
Alternatively you could tell us what's in your shower if you don't have a bath!
9. Product comparision
Obsessed with hair oils? Try 'em all out and write a round up!
10. Must-have beauty tools
Have a pair of tweezers you love, or found the best brush? Do tell!
11. Minimal makeup/hair/skincare
Let's get back to basics.
12. Best of the drugstore
We all love a good bargain buy.
13. Trying out cult beauty products
Do they work?
14. Lazy day makeup/skincare
What do you use?
15. Beauty must-haves: skin/hair/makeup
What can't you live without?

Actually I want to write a bunch of new blog posts myself now! I do hope you liked this list and please let me know if you'd like to see more ideas of blogging posts in general as I have so many lined up.

What is your foolproof blog post idea?