I had a great day yesterday - I visited a blogging friend whose photos and blog I've admired for absolute ages, for a 101 on photography. You can probably guess who my teacher was - the ever so gorgeous Ajda from http://www.ajdas.com/, a blog I would strongly encourage you to check out, as it's absolutely beautiful and filled with amazing photography. Ajda and I took some photos for future blog posts together and I love the way they came out, so it's safe to say I will ask her for help again. I also have a craving for a DSLR now ... A huge thank you to Ajda, I learned so much & I can't wait for another bloggy get together, dear!

I realize I often post about high end skincare and beauty, and thought it would be nice if I wrote a post on 10 drugstore items under 10€, this time for the face, and next time maybe for eyes or something skincare related. Most of these products you've probably already seen mentioned here, and I'll link to their respective reviews - I really love all of them and would strongly recommend them, especially for that price. So brace yourselves as we have a very long post ahead of us ...

Let's begin with Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation, which you can see (badly) reviewed here. This is a foundation I received back in the winter from our beauty editor at Cosmopolitan, and shockingly, it was the perfect shade for me, as well as the perfect product. I've been using it to this day, and needless to say, it has lasted absolute ages. I've had many good things to say about it over the months, but a quick recap would be that it has a matte finish while still being very moisturizing on my skin and not drying in the slightest. It also has great packaging - the glass bottle is pretty and comes with a pump, which is just great. I used to compare it to Revlon Colorstay, but I'd like to mention that it is not as heavy and doesn't feel like a mask, also it's way more moisturizing. It's also oil free and lasts for the whole day on me, and one pump is enough for my whole face. It's quite high in coverage. The price is around 7€ if I am not mistaken, and it is seriously one of the best foundations I've tried. Available in European drugstores (Müller).

Another foundation love is the Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation, reviewed here. It's a natural product with a cruelty free certificate, and I was very surprised to see that it is a liquid foundation, not mineral, as is usual with natural makeup. This is hands down my favourite foundation right now (with Catrice & L'Oreal Lumi Magique close behind). It gives an absolutely gorgeous finish, which is neither matte nor dewy, but very natural, while giving a lot of coverage (medium to high, depending on how much you apply). It lasts all day and doesn't sink into pores, which is usually a problem for me. You can find it on Ecco Verde for just under 10€.

Rimmel is a brand I haven't had too much experience with, having only tried three products, but I absolutely loved all of them. I wanted to include the Stay Matte powder, which is just lovely, but mine is completely shattered and not very photogenic, so I decided to talk about the Wake Me Up foundation instead. Now the reason you haven't seen this on my blog too often is because genius me picked the completely wrong shade, so I'm waiting for summer when I'll be a bit more tan. I have worn it a few times and was very pleased with the pretty, natural, only slightly dewy finish. It would be great for someone who's just transitioning from matte finishes and wants to start with something not-too-shiny. Coverage is medium to high, depending on how much you apply. You can find it on Feel Unique for around 10€.

Moving on to concealers, I recently received the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer. It felt a little weird not to include it here, despite my opinion of it, which would be best summed up in three words - not all that. It is still an amazing concealer, and for the price, which is around 3-4€, I think it's absolutely wonderful. I deliberately got it in a light shade so I can use it on my undereye area and it lightens it up beautifully. It is very creamy but a bit hard to blend in my opinion. Still a solid product though. A bit problematic to buy if you're not from the UK, where it is sold in Boots. If you're from abroad like me, your best bet would be to ask someone to ship it to you.

A natural favourite comes from Lavera again, and it is the Lavera Natural Concealer, reviewed here. This gem can be found on Ecco Verde for around 8€. It's incredibly creamy and the perfect shade for me. It applies much easier than the Collection one and is easy to blend with fingers or a brush as it has a doe foot applicator. I do like to set it with a powder though. Not much else to say other than proclaim my love for this product!

And finally we have the Bourjois 123 Perfect CC Cream for Eyes, which is a newer addition to my collection, so I haven't spoken about it too much. This is also the only product where I dared to go over the 10€ limit, but only a little bit okay! You can find it on ASOS for around 11€, but with all the offers in drugstores I think you can get it for less as well. Let's get the bad out of the way first - my personal preference is against these twist-y applicators, which this product has, but it doesn't bother me too much, as the CC Cream is lovely. It's not quite creamy, more liquid and applies beautifully with fingers or a brush. It lightens my undereye area a lot and makes it look very fresh, which is quite welcome when I haven't had much sleep. The shade is also great.

Moving on to blushers and cue me getting excited as they are my favourite product. A girl needs a little bit of blusher in her life AM I RITE. A firm drugstore favourite are the Barry M ones, and this one here is just called Pink or maybe Pink Orchid. I mentioned it most recently in this post, which also has a swatch. This blush has just the right amount of pigmentation and reminds me of a MAC Well Dressed, only with a better colour payoff. It's very beautiful, a cold toned pink which should look lovely on any skintone. I've personally rediscovered it and it has been on my cheeks almost everyday since March! Available on Licila.si for 7€.

The Makeup Revolution Cream Blusher in Framboise Shake is definitely worth a mention, as it continues to impress me. It has incredible pigmentation (you really only need to dip your fingers/brush in it) and it has a great finish and feels like powder on my cheeks. I really hate it when cream blushers don't dry to powder and feel a bit oily, they're also more prone to smudging that way. This product dries powdery and is a gorgeous midtone pink color. I mentioned it in a post on spring cheek picks as well as a Makeup Revolution haul. With the price tag of 2€ (COME ON, 2€) you really can't go wrong. Available on Licila.si or the Makeup Revolution website.

We're near the end, I promise ... Natural Collection is a UK drugstore brand not to be confused with Collection (formerly Collection 2000 and now I just confused you even more). I once bought a lipstick from them for around a pound and quite liked it, and recently received this blusher in Peach Melba in a beauty swap. While at first I didn't think it was a color for me, it's actually quite a lovely dusky pink with bronze undertones, which should look beautiful in the summer. If I am not mistaken the prices of the brand range from 1-2€, so I really think it would be a good purchase for anyone, and they also have a dupe for MAC Well Dressed, I remember seeing it in London.

Finally, the last product, a firm favourite which has been mentioned countless times on this blog ... Sleek blusher in Pixie Pink. This gorgeous, hot fuchsia shade with blue undertones looks incredibly scary in the pan. However, it's very buildable and can be only a flush of colour if you want. I absolutely love it as is evident from the photo - I've pretty much used up the whole thing. I also appreciate that it doesn't have any glitter in it at all, and if there is shimmer, there's really not much of it. Not much I can say about it because I've given it so much praise already, but in case you want to get it, it costs around 7€ on Licila.si.

Well, that was an insanely long post! I do hope it helped at least a little bit. What's your favourite bargain buy?
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Včeraj sem se naučila marsikaj novega o fotografiji, moja učiteljica pa je bila lepotička Ajda z bloga http://www.ajdas.com/. Njene fotografije občudujem že dolgo, včeraj pa mi je zaupala še nekaj trikov in mi pomagala posneti slike za dve objavi, za kar sem ji res hvaležna. Mislim, da se pri tej objavi kar vidi njena roka, saj je nastala fotografija res krasna. Ogled Ajdinega bloga pa toplo priporočam vsem - piše v slovenščini in angleščini, obisk pa je vreden že zaradi čudovitih slik, ki mi vedno vzamejo dih.

Danes sem se odločila pisati o desetih izdelkih pod 10€, tokrat za obraz. Se mi zdi, da velikokrat omenim kakšen drag izdelek, imam pa res veliko favoritov tudi iz drogerije. Veliko izdelkov ste na mojem blogu že videli, nekateri pa so čisto novi - upam, da bo objava komu v pomoč!

Začnimo s pudri. Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation je vreden veliko več kot tistih 6-7€, ki jih boste odšteli zanje v drogeriji Müller. Ocenila sem ga tukaj. Na hitro povedano gre za dobro prekriven puder v priročni in lepi embalaži, ki ima tudi pumpico. Puder da matiran finiš in se mi je včasih zdel podoben Revlon Colorstay, rada pa bi omenila, da je od slednjega veliko bolj vlažilen in na obrazu ni kot maska. Poleg tega je tudi brez olj in traja ves dan ter se ne useda v pore. Super nakup.

Lavera Natural Liquid Foundation stane okrog 10€ na spletni strani Ecco Verde, ocenila pa sem ga tukaj. Puder ima visoko prekrivnost, a je vseeno neverjetno vlažilen - pri njem mi sploh ni treba uporabljati vlažilne kreme. Finiš je zelo naraven, ne mat in ne svetleč, res čudovit. Eden izmed mojih najljubših, pa tudi zelo malo se ga porabi - sama ga imam že od zime.

Všeč mi je tudi Rimmel Wake Me Up puder, ki ga še nisem ocenila, saj sem izbrala pretemen odtenek in čakam na poletje, da ga lahko začnem uporabljati. Sem ga pa nekajkrat vseeno preizkusila. Prekrivnost je srednja, finiš pa ponovno naraven in prav tak, kot trdijo pri Rimmel - po nanosu sem videti nenavadno naspana. Zdi se mi, da ima v sebi drobne bleščice, kar se sliši grozno, ampak v resnici sploh ni moteče, temveč da koži res lep sijaj. Cena pudra je okrog 10€ na Feel Unique, tiste brez kreditne kartice pa ga lahko najdete tudi na Salma.si.

Nadaljujmo s korektorji. Zdelo se mi je, da skoraj moram omeniti Collection Lasting Perfection, ki se ga pri nas na žalost ne da kupiti, v UK pa stane okrog 2€ in je neverjetno priljubljen. Sama imam zelo svetel odtenek, ki je super za osvetlitev predela pod očmi. Izdelek je zelo kremen, do točke, ko ga je že skoraj malo težko razmazati, mi je pa še vedno zelo všeč, še posebej za to ceno. Res je visoko prekriven. Na voljo v drogerijah Boots.

Naraven favorit zopet prihaja od Lavere, gre za njihov Natural Concealer. Ima aplikator kot večina lip glossov in je ravno prav kremen, da nima težavnega nanosa. Odtenek je popoln zame, prav tako pa tudi izdelek, ki je sicer manj prekriven kot zgoraj omenjeni korektor, ampak vseeno dovolj, da pokrije moje podočnjake in temne madeže. Všeč mi je tudi zeliščen in nevsiljiv vonj. Nasploh me je Lavera čisto navdušila, tako da bom gotovo ocenila še veliko njihovih izdelkov. Cena je okrog 8€ na Ecco Verde, ocenila pa sem ga tukaj.

Za konec bi od korektorjev omenila še Bourjois 123 Perect CC Cream for Eyes, ki je tudi edini izdelek, ki je nekoliko dražji od 10€ (mislim, da 11-12€), se ga pa da s kakšnim kuponom za popust dobiti tudi ceneje. Edina stvar, ki mi pri izdelku ni všeč, je embalaža, ki jo je treba zavrteti, da krema pride ven. Take embalaže se po mojih izkušnjah hitro pokvarijo, pa tudi umažejo se neverjetno hitro, je pa res, da se sam izdelek odkupi zanjo. CC krema je zelo lahka, lepo mazljiva in precej tekoča, lepo osvetli predel oči in je srednje prekrivna, ravno dovolj, da skrije moje podočnjake. 

Zadnja kategorija so rdečila za lica, kjer bi najprej omenila Barry M Pink Orchid. Ta je v moji zbirki že nekaj let, ponovno pa sem ga odkrila pred kratkim in tako že od marca skoraj ni zapustil mojih lic. Gre za res čudovit odtenek, ki je svetlo rožnat, podoben MAC Well Dressed, a bolje pigmentiran. Barva ni tako močna, da bi oteževala nanos, kar je super. Nanaša se lepo, sama uporabljam čopič Real Techniques, ki ga popolno nanese. Na voljo na Licila.si za okrog 7€.

Zelo mi je všeč tudi Makeup Revolution kremni blusher v odtenku Framboise Shake, ki je na voljo za 2€ na Licila.si. Ne morem preboleti neverjetne cene, ki je za tak super izdelek res nora. Opozorila bi vas, da je rdečilo zelo pigmentirano - meni je to všeč, mogoče pa zna bit nanos malo težji, ampak nič katastrofalnega. Všeč mi je, ker se posuši pudrasto, za razliko od drugih kremnih rdečil, ki so pogosto kar malo mastna, ostanejo kremna in se potem čez dan razmazujejo. Sam odtenek je čudovite rožnate barve, ki bi pristajala vsaki polti.

Natural Collection je prav tako znamka iz UK s smešnimi cenami izdelkov, od 1-2€. Toliko stane tudi rdečilo na sliki v odtenku Peach Melba, ki bo pri meni na vrsti predvsem poleti. Odtenek je rožnato-rjav, mislim, da bi bil na zagoreli koži res čudovit. Sama sem ga uporabila tudi kot bronzer, ker imam trenutno precej svetlo kožo, in mi je bil učinek zelo všeč. 

Za konec pa še dolgoletni favorit, Sleek Pixie Pink, na voljo na Licila.si za okrog 7€. Čeprav je v moji zbirki že leta, ga imam še vedno, ker se ga porabi res malo. Verjetno vas je sam odtenek čisto prestrašil, saj gre res za živo rožnato barvo. Tudi pigmentiran je močno, a se ga da lepo zabrisati in je lahko nanešen čisto nežno, če vam je to všeč. Zame je eden najlepših odtenkov v moji zbirki, ki sem mu zvesta že od izleta v London v času gimnazije.

Takole, pa smo prišli do konca. Upam, da se vam je uspelo prebiti do sem, danes sem se res razpisala. Kateri pa je vaš najljubši izdelek z nizko ceno?