I've been testing out some Vichy products lately and today I thought I'd share my favourite ones. While I've been a bit sceptical about this brand in the past (which was just prejudice really since I hadn't tried anything at that point), I've come to really love this French Pharmacy staple. Here are some of the products that have made their way into my routine.

Starting off with Pureté Thermale 3 in 1 Micellar Water, this is a product I purchased about a year ago and promptly used it up. I was very impressed by this micellar water and it did an amazing job, though I do remember it having a distinctive rose scent - not unpleasant, but quite strong. It took my makeup off very well and despite being so heavily scented, it really did not irritate my eyes (nice change from the Bioderma, which I had been using before - I really don't get the hype, it stung my eyes so badly). It costs around 14€ and you get 200 ml, which is a bit on the expensive side, but if you fancy a treat, I say give it a go.

Next we have the Idéalia Eyes eye cream, which is a fairly new addition to the family. I've been trying it out for the past couple of weeks and it is quite lovely! According to the PR message I received, this is supposed to smooth lines and wrinkles as well as fade dark circles. I mostly noticed it nourished my undereye area very nicely, since I've been having problems with dryness this is much appreciated. What I love most about it though, is the really interesting applicator. When you take the lid off, you see a plastic applicator - I think it's silicone. It applies the cream very gently and precisely and is gentler than tugging at your sensitive skin with your fingertips. You get 15 ml for around 20€ (someone please correct me if I am wrong as I am not sure).

I also received the Idéalia Moisturizer for review. Initially I was (unfairly) disappointed as I really wanted to try out the serum, but the moisturizer has not failed to impress me. First of all, this pale pink and silver packaging is just gorgeous, and second, I absolutely adore the soft floral scent. This cream is incredibly light and moisturizing, so I think you could also use it during the day - I sure do. Just be careful not to apply too much as to prevent it gathering in places. It sinks in quickly and really illuminates my skin - the effect is visible and I have no idea how this is done, but love the result! Have not noticed any breaking out while using this, either. 50 ml cost around 25€ and I have the one for normal to combination skin.

I absolutely have to mention Normaderm Hyaluspot, which is an absolute life saviour and possibly in my top 5 skincare items of all time. This is an incredibly effective spot treatment which I like to apply overnight. It dries any blemishes right up and you wake up with your skin looking a lot better and the imperfections diminished visibly. Out of all the products, I would say this one is a must-buy if you have problematic skin. It comes with a wonderful applicator which is soothing and cooling as well. Really a stand out product, but I am not going to bother doing a review as Nina has done an amazing job on her blog. It costs around 15€ for 15 ml and is well worth the price.

Finally, we have Pureté Thermale 3 in 1 One Step Cleanser for sensitive skin. The packaging says this has three effects - toning, removing makeup and cleansing. I tried this out for the first time just to wash my face, as I was very hesitant about it. Come on, a cleanser that can remove your makeup, just like that? I was sure it would burn my eyes like crazy, sting, and that my mascara and eyeliner would run down my face for ages. I tried it in the shower finally and it works miracles! I just washed my face (full of makeup) and it didn't sting at all, I literally had it on my eyes and didn't even have to rinse before I opened them - it did not irritate them at all. And I wear contacts, so my eyes are extra sensitive. It does an amazing job taking all of the makeup off and is an amazing product all around. I've been incredibly satisfied with the Pureté Thermale line so I am definitely willing to try more products from this line. Not sure about the price (sorry) but you get 200 ml which should last you ages.

What are your favourite Vichy products?