I recently decided to give my fragrance collection a clean out and gave away loads of scents. I'm still left with loads of perfumes, but a lot of them are very well loved, as you can see. Today I thought I'd share some of my current favorites which I've been loving and are now almost gone.

Starting off with Davidoff Cool Water Sea Rose, this is a perfect fragrance for spring and summer. It's very fresh, floral and fruity, but definitely not one of those cloying scents. It's very light, actually. Mostly I'm in love with one of the main notes, which is peony - one of my favorite flowers. It also has some musk to round it up nicely and another note I love in perfumes - pear. It makes every scent sweeter. I do wish this lasted longer though, as I often resort to carrying it around in my bag to reapply during the day.

Next up is Victoria's Secret Gorgeous, which I got from a lovely friend (thank you!) I am totally obsessed with this perfume, it is so me! A fruity floral once again, a bit similar to the previous one I mentioned. I love the sweet note of strawberry in this one, as well as jasmine and a hint of citrus to make it fresh and sparkling.

We also have Yves Rocher Comme une Évidence, which is probably my favourite floral perfume, ever. This perfume has many flankers, but I stay true to the original, which is a lovely mix of rose, lily of the valley, rhubarb and musk. It reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely, though it is more gentle, inoffensive, something with less musk. If Lovely is too musky for you but you like the general direction, you would love this one. It also lasts a really long time, but the sillage is not that strong. Love it.

Buy it on Yves Rocher from 24€.

And finally, la creme de la creme, my all-time favourite ... Princess by Very Wang. I'm a bit embarrased to admit that I have had this one since high school. It smells like chocolate, vanilla, a hint of citrus, and a note I love - tiare flower. Just a beautiful, very soft, well rounded and sweet scent I wish I could wear everyday. I really need to get a new bottle ASAP & I just saw it was on offer on my favourite site for perfume shopping. O-ooh.

Buy it on Fragrance Direct for 30€.

Do you have any perfumes you've used up?