Thought I would do a quick lifestyle post today since I'm super busy and really don't have much time for writing posts and taking photos! I've had quite the busy week, but me being me, everything piled up and now I have an insanely busy day ahead of me - I can only hope I'll get everything done in time!

So today is Friday and I have loads of work to do & stuff to write. My deadline for a project is today, so I will have to work possibly all day - it's fun, but I'm tired just thinking about it.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I think I'm going to the movies. I've developed a bit of a fear of cinemas, so this will be quite the project, but I'm incredibly excited about the movie we're seeing! It's the French La Belle et la Bete - Beauty and the Beast. I've wanted to see it for about half a year and now it's finally playing in my local cinema, so I cannot wait. For the rest of the day, I'm planning on taking some blog photos and in the evening, have a bit of a pamper and watch a movie with Tilen.

And finally, on Sunday, I will have a bit of me-time. I'm hoping to read loads because I've been so busy this month yesterday was the first time I picked up a book! I have so many amazing reads on my shelves and I really want to start reading all of them. Also in the morning, I would love to go to our local fleamarket - my dad used to take me and I loved all of the vintage pieces. I'm hoping to turn it into a family outing and maybe walk to the city & get some ice cream at my favorite place as well (don't worry - it's healthy! I'm still sticking to my healthy eating regimen, teehee). I also cannot wait to use some skincare and treat my skin a little - summer is coming! And I will be burning my new favorite candle from Muji, which will be featured soon.

What are your plans for the weekend, lovelies?