First of all, I really want to apologize for the bad quality of these photos ... I kind of feel terrible about posting them, but my camera has been acting up lately and I cannot seem to be able to get clearer ones. I can't really get a DSLR at this point, so I hope you'll bear with me?

Anyway, I thought I would do a long overdue post on my brush washing routine, or rather, lack of it. I have had my Real Tecniques brushes for about half a year now and I used them everyday. Guys. I've washed them twice.

I feel completely embarassed telling you this, because it's pretty much disgusting! So I've decided I need some itnernet scolding to help me get on track with washing my brushes. :) I want to do it every week with some spot cleaning in between to keep them in good condition. I was thinking about allocating a special brush washing day (it's gotta be Sunday, because I hate brush washing & I definitely don't want to start my week by doing it).

Why is this so hard for me, I wonder? I am just so grumpy when I have to wash them and get on everybody's nerves - and come on, it's really not that difficult. When I wash my brushes, I notice the change immediately - my makeup applies better, my skin breaks out less and they are way softer. So it really is high time for me to get better at it.

Just wanted to mention what I use for brush washing. It's this Johsnons Baby Shampoo which I got from my aunt - works like a charm! It really removes all the dirt from them - and by dirt I mean makeup, I don't go digging in the garden with my brushes, haha!

Do me a favor and leave me a comment telling me to just wash my brushes. And I would also love to know how often you clean yours and what you clean them with!