Spring is finally here! We even changed the clocks this weekend, from which I am still recovering. So I thought I would share some of my favorite spring moisturizers for this season. Let's get on with it!

Starting off with Burt's Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion, I think this is the perfect body moisturizer to transition from winter, as your skin might still be dry and dehydrated, and this is very rich. It's quite potent and very thick, so you will need to massage it onto your skin. I really love the scent, though it is not the traditional Milk & Honey smell, it almost smells like oats to me, very strong, but lovely natural scent. It's a squeezy tube which makes it easy to use and you really do not need a lot. If you still have dry and peeling skin from the wintertime, this should sort it for you in a couple of days, and then you can move on to something less thick. Definitiely a savior and great for more intense treatments, or even everyday if your skin is very dry. I like using it about twice a week to keep my skin moist.

Available on Feel Unique.

Next up is a favorite of mine which I have mentioned plenty of times before, the Yves Rocher Oats Silky Lotion. I use this along with Tilen and we are both in love with it. You can buy a separate pump which makes it really easy to use. It smells just like oats, quite a strong scent, but very inoffensive. I love the texture, which is milky, almost runny, but not quite. It sinks in immediately. Great for any time of the year, but in the colder months I prefer something even thicker, while this is amazing for extra dry skin in the warmer months.

Za slovenske bralke na voljo v Yves Rocher.

And finally, the most summery of them all - I love ... Coconut & Cream. Holy moly, this is divine! The scent is absolute perfection, a gorgeous creamy coconut. As a lotion it is best suited for those who do not have special needs when it comes to moisturizing, but instead have normal skin. What I love the most about this product is the scent, which will stay on your skin literally until your next shower. I love putting it on before I fall asleep, as I am then enveloped in its coconutty goodness. Just, ah! Adore it!

Za slovenske bralke na voljo na Click2Chic.

To quickly talk about the benefits of moisturizing - I have honestly noticed the stretchmarks on my thighs fading. I have a few and they got a lot better since I started eating better and moisturizing everyday. I do not know which product made the real difference as I use them all, but I think it was each and every one. So thumbs up for moisturizing!