Spring is coming!

I decided to do a little hairstlye which is the easiest one I've done up to date. I did start off with curled hair, but you can just use your natural hair - no need to add heat.

First off, brush your hair through and then backcomb the crown to add some volume and height. Then, gather the hair at the top of your head into a ponytail and pull it out a bit to add more volume. Then you can add some decorations, I just used a fabric bow from H&M, but a ribbon would also look really pretty. And you're done!

Check out my outfit after the jump!

As far as the outfit goes, I just threw together something I'd wear on an everyday basis, and ended up with this skirt, jumper and denim jacket combo. Added some ankle boots and a handbag and there you have it!

Skirt - Orsay, Bag - C&A, Ankle boots - H&M, Jumper - Stradivarius, Jacket - ASOS

Hope this post is useful to some of you - how excited are you for spring? I for one have had enough of the long nights and the gloomy weather, so spring cannot come fast enough!