Fun fact: I actually did not go to my high school prom. I had possibly the worst high school experience and I absolutely hated my last year, so I just didn't bother. No one in my class liked me anyway and the feeling was mutual. I am, however, very envious of those who had an amazing high school experience. And if you're going to prom this year, I've prepared a really simple and foolproof hair tutorial for you - you can do it all by yourself with a little practice & it will look great. Below are the instructions.

Start off with your natural hair. Gather it into a ponytail and tighten with an elastic, but the last time you're tightening it, only pull out half of the ponytail. Then, make a small hole at the top of the ponytail-bun-thingy. Stuff in the ends of your hair and slowly follow with the ponytail bun until everything is inside. You might have some trouble at the beginning - the key is to go slowly and carefully so it doesn't fall apart. But once this baby is done, it will not come undone, even after dancing for ages!

Check out my dress picks after the jump!

I also picked out two dresses I would personally wear if I were to go to prom. I think girls have a lot of trouble choosing dresses, but it doesn't need to be that way! If I were going to a dance, I would for sure order online so no other girl would have my dress. I would also order a few months in advance so it would get here in time. Always have a Plan B, too.

I really love the choice of dresses on Jen Jen House. I really think everyone can find something - there are long and short dresses, something in between, different cuts and colors ... Really beautiful, and so affordable as well. My picks are below ...

As you can see they're both princess cuts and slightly off the shoulder - I'm a sucker for these Reem Accra inspired sleeves. And you know what? It's your day, why not look like a princess? I would totally go all out, it's the time to do so. Just two tips - I think you should avoid black as well as white - the first is way too serious and the second too bridal. Other than that, go crazy, have the time of your life, dance, dance, dance!

Are you going to prom? What will you be wearing?