I'm the kind of person who neglects body scrubs. Just recently I noticed the difference they actually make to my skin and decided to start using them a bit more, since I've got quite a few now. I'm actually really liking my super soft skin and they really help take off all the gunk!

My favourite is for sure the Balea Apple & Cinnamon Body Scrub. In case you cannot imagine the scent, let me just tell you it's amazing! Smells like apple pie fresh out of the oven. I especially like this because it's super gentle, you barely feel it working, but it definitely makes a difference. I cannot get past the price either - it's around 3€ which I think is amazing, plus your skin smells really good even after the shower. If anyone knows whether Balea makes other products with this scent, let me know, for the love of God! I need more!

I also really love the Mama Mio O-Mega Body Buff. This is also quite gentle and I cannot really smell anything, so it's appropriate for sensitive skin which gets irritated by fragrances. You need the tiniest bit as well, so you won't use it up that quickly, which is great, since it's not that inexpensive.

And my final favourite is from the Chocomania at Body Shop. Okay, please don't judge me, I know this line came out ages ago, but I still have the scrub ... It doesn't smell or look funky so I just use it despite having it for what, about a year and a half? This is quite harsh - I don't know if all scrubs from TBS are like this, but I would recommend using it once a week, not more often. And my favourite thing about this scrub is the smell (d'oh). Oh the bittery-but-still-sweet chocolate! Oh! It's not your typical sweet chocolate, it's definitely more bitter, but I'm in love with this. Since it's been a while I forgot the price of this exact scrub, but a quick browse told me that TBS scrubs usually retail at around 15€ - totally worth it, in my opinion. Also, is Chocomania permanent now? I see they still have it on the site. *jumps with joy*

What are your favourite body scrubs, lovelies?