It has been getting warmer and warmer in Slovenia, and I've ben craving some ice tea. You probably know I'm starting a more healthy lifestyle, so well-known brands were out of the question. I finally decided I would make my own iced tea and when I was talking to the lovely Annie over at Løv Organic, I immediately knew what kind of tea I wanted from their lovely company. I requested something fruity which could be used to create homemade iced tea, and Anna hit the nail on the head with this amazing Wild Berry Fruit Organic Tea. I really love their gorgeous tin packaging, how retro is that? And it's honestly one of the best fruit teas I've tried. My mother in law actually makes her own blend of herbal tea, and that is amazing as well - we will definitely collaborate on a post in the spring when we're picking herbs for the mix.

Believe it or not, I only received this tea (along with some lovely samples and info) today, and I'm already raving about it! I was craving something fruity badly, so I set out to make some iced tea with this wild berry blend. First, I boiled some water, then poured it over a the filter in my teapot and let it brew for 5 minutes. After that time passed, I poured the tea into a glass pitcher and thought - I'd like some berries with that, please! I had some unsweetened frozen berries and I just plopped them into the hot tea - they immediately thawed when they came into contact with hot water. Then, I added some ice cubes, a teensy tiny bit of agave syrup and plenty of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Guys. It was so good!

I am totally in love with this tea and will drink it possibly every day from now on. You can even skip the sweetener, I like acidic drinks anyway and this tastes amazing by itself. Do try to make your own iced tea, but do not drink it instead of water - just a glass a day is enough to cool down and relax.

Get this mix of tea here for 12€.