This is my second post in Becka's Have you discovered ...? series and once again, I am too early, but I have another post planned for tomorrow, so please excuse me!

The second topic of the Have you discovered ...? series is primer. I do not really use primers, but as luck would have it, I actually just purchased one a few weeks ago! It's the L'Oreal Lumi Magique base. What do I think of it?

Well obviously I would not be posting about this if I did not love it! The primer is white and has a lot of shimmer in it. I really do not think it can be used as an all-over base if you have oily skin like me - if you do not, it might work great! Personally, I use it all over my cheeks. It blends in really well and gives my skin a beautiful dewy finish. Definitely not for people who like a matte finish and not for those who like to steer clear of shimmery things. I however absolutely love it! And I am someone who used to shriek at the mere thought of a dewy finish. I use it along with the Lumi Magique foundation and I just love, love the look. If this look is too much for you, I would recommend using it as a highlighter, which is another great option. As you can (hopefully) see in the photo, it gives my cheeks a gorgeous luminous finish - in. Love!

The primer cost me around 12€ with a coupon - it's quite expensive here in Slovenia. I will also publish a review of the foundation from the same line soon.

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Regarding the giveaway, unfortunately we did not have enough funds for me to give this primer away. I was really really sad because I absolutely love it and wanted one of you to enjoy it as well, but another opportunity came along! I received a Chi Chi dress for review, but unfortunately it was too small. It is a UK size 12, but I would say it is more suited to an 8/10 (EU 36/38). The lovely ladies of Chi Chi were incredibly sweet and told me I could pick out a new dress, but also that I could give this one away! So we have a giveaway after all. You can enter the giveaway on my Facebook page here and you can also enter in the Rafflecopter below. I will ship this dress out to one lucky winner. All I ask is that you make sure you can fit into it, because I really do not want someone to get it who will just sell it on. I could have done that, but I chose to give it to one of you. :) So basically, this giveaway is international and ends on April 4th 2014. Good luck my loves!

P.S. A note on how I choose winners for my giveaways. Previously, I have chosen them with and I have bad experience with that. I chose the winners personally, but that does not mean I will give everything to my friends or people I know. I will reward the people who are genuine readers of my blog, who comment, like, read & are generally nice people who I feel deserve the item. So if you're just entering to sell this dress on or because you enter every giveaway you see, be sure you will not get this item. :) However, entering several times gives you a bigger chance of winning - I go through all of the entries, pick out the people who entered the most times or are most deserving in my opinion & choose from there. I hope this does not bother you, but heck, it's my blog and I'll do what I want to! Thank you for understanding. <3

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