You may have noticed my complaining about my skin lately (seriously, the hashtag #complainypants is just about me, am I rite) and I've had a terrible breakout lately. I feel really bad telling you all this, because I got it from a product I was really hoping to love, and I even attended an event for it. Sadly, it was the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo +. I know, so strange as everyone seems to love it, but my skin broke out so terribly after it. It has been a month or so and it still has not recovered - my forehead is still bumpy and I now have loads of scars all over my face. Lovely. I am in no way trying to trash LRP, because I love this brand and I buy it myself as well, but this product just did not work for me. So I gave it to the ever so lovely Nina at & hopefully she will share her results with us as well.

Since I was left with broken out skin, I rummaged through my beauty cupboard to find something that would help me. I came across three products and have been using them and switching them up, and lo and behold, my skin is actually so much better! Let's see what helped me with my broken out skin.

I'm going to start with Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting BHA Liquid. I've had this product for absolute ages, but was kind of silly and had no idea how to use it. I will write a proper review for this as well, but let me just say it improved the texture of my skin dramatically. It deals with congested pores, of which I have a bajillion, as well as bumpy skin, from which I also suffer. It really reduces the bumps and helps improve texture, so I am totally loving it. By the way, Paula's Choice Slovenija just opened a new online store at and they have some great deals going on.

Next up is Lush Grease Lightning. I got this product on a whim a few months ago, just put it on my desk and promptly forgot about it. Tilen used it from time to time and reported it was actually really good, but I just shrugged and went on with my day. I don't usually break out as much, so I didn't really need it. However, I applied it yesterday and literally woke up with my bumpy skin reduced by about 50% - my forehead looks so much better, I actually wore my hair up for the first time since this breakout. This is a miracle worker and I love it even more because it is natural!

And finally, Vichy Hyaluspot. I got this as part of Vichy's 100 Women 100 Days challenge and Nina immediately told me how amazing it was as she has it as well. I applied it straight away after I received it, as my skin sure needed a spot treatment. The only bad thing with this I felt right away - it burns! But then again, as Nina says, at least you know it's working, haha. So I apply this overnight and it is quite similar to Grease Lightning - it just dries everything up overnight. Totally amazing and works in a matter of hours to reduce bumpiness and size of blemishes.

So, these three products are totally worth it in my opinion - I love them all. With their help, my skin has improved a lot, and I will keep using them to hopefully clear it all up.