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And now, introducing the first guest post of the bunch ... An article entitled Easy DIY Window Seat Ideas!

What dreams are made of. [Photo courtesy of Pinterest]

Creating a window seat is a popular way to add seating space to a room in your home. It can look attractive and provide a cosy nook for reading, chilling out or resting, making the most of the natural light from the window. They are also great for homes that don't have much space; storage can be utilised under the seat, and by being tucked away against the window they don't swallow up too much room. Here are some easy DIY window seat ideas if you like the idea of one in your home.

An existing window seat

If your home already has a window seat, but it's either looking tired or never gets used because it's not very enticing, then now is the time to get working to inject a little bit of love back into it. There are heaps of ways you can give your old window seat a facelift or a revamp, to either brighten it up or create a new style.
Firstly, consider if it needs a lick of paint. You may even decide to paint it a new colour in keeping with any updates you've had done with the rest of the room. If you want to brighten up a room, then you don't necessarily need to opt for the boldest shades to paint your window seat. To add a pop of colour you can do so with cushions or other accessories instead. This means you can also easily change things up if you redecorate or change you mind. Choosing a neutral shade is often a good idea, as it's likely to fit in well with the rest of the room. But, don't be afraid to experiment; stripes, patterns, stencils and cheery colours can all look great on a window seat in a child's room or a playroom, for instance.
Changing the cushions or seat padding can also give your window seat a new look. You may even decide to make these yourself, if you're feeling particularly creative. Whatever you choose, make it comfortable and inviting.

One of the most functional ways to update your window seat is to incorporate storage into it, underneath. This may involve some basic DIY skills, such as chopping wood or making shelves, depending on the style of your window seat, but once you've done it, you'll find the extra space really handy. Fill it with books, magazines, boxes of toys, etc. If you've got a pet, you may even want to make some space underneath for a snoozing place for it.

A new window seat

However, if you haven't already got a window seat and you like the idea of getting one, then there are lots of ways you can easily incorporate one into your home, without too much expense or effort.
As a simple idea, you could take an old chest or Ottoman and push it against the window, so that it forms a basic window seat. You could then paint it and revamp it with cushions etc, to create an easy sitting area.
Alternatively, you could take a long, slim shelving unit or bookcase and upturn it, so that the length is placed vertically under the window. The interior shelving could be used for storage space. You could paint the unit and add seated padded and cushions to the top of it.
If you have drawers that are low down and lengthy, these could also be incorporated into a window seat, in a similar manner. The likelihood is that the unit you use won’t fit exactly to the shape or size of the wall so you might want to create a frame to go over/around it so that there are no gaps.

This article was written by Amy, a writer with an interest in home design and DIY. Amy spends a lot of time working on creative projects around the home and loves creating unique items. She works for Creatively Different Blinds, retailers of unique and designer blinds in the UK.

Thank you so much Amy! I've always wanted a cozy reading nook and when I move out, it will be one of the first things I do in my new apartment. I hope you all enjoyed this post. <3

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