I've been posting about dry shampoos quite a bit, but none of them have been natural. Today will be different as I will be once again talking about Davines, a gorgeous natural haircare brand. I've already reviewed their Hair Milk here.

The Hair Refresher comes in a spray form and is also a white powder, like most dry shampoos. With this product, a little really goes a long way as you need the tiniest amount! Just a spritz on your bangs and at the crown of your head is enough. The product is easy to comb out and doesn't leave residue after taking a hairbrush to your locks. I definitely love the volume it gives my hair as well as the fact that it just soaks up the oils! This dry shampoo is made with rice starch, which is like a powder and gets rid of the oiliness. I also read on the Davines website that you can add more volume after combing out the dry shampoo by quickly blow drying your hair on a cool setting and I definitely want to try that. I also want to say that some dry shampoos make my hair incredibly frizzy and static, and this does not.

The price is a bit high at 17€, but if you want to treat yourself to a natural dry shampoo, I would definitely recommend it!