So, in February, I had a little giveaway/contest for the best Valentine-related project. I had a very hard time choosing from the entries. I'm going to list a few of my favourites now.

I absolutely loved Sandra's makeup look - she wrote a blog post and filmed a lovely video, definitely check out both her blog and her Youtube channel, she is an incredibly talented makeup artist.

Narcis wrote an absolutely amazing post on long distance relationships. As a person who just about cries when her boyfriend goes to the toilet, I really appreciated the interview and decided I needed to be smacked silly when I'm such a cry baby and there are people out there who spend months apart!

I also really loved Ana Ina's look - the girl is gorgeous anyway, but this was so pretty! Also love the braid.

Ana wrote a last minute ideas post for the occasion with two super cute ideas which I'll probably steal in the near future.

Petra is an amazing Slovenian blogger you should all check out - her blog has beautiful photos and I always love her makeup looks. Her entry was no different - I love her makeup and nails!

I adored Ina's nails for V-day - how cute are the hearts? Love her blog as well.

But there could only be one winner ...

Ana from Beautysaur totally won me over!

This girl wrote so many posts and every one was amazing! I absolutely have to give credit where credit is due and she put the most effort into her works and I think the Valentine ideas post is absolutely perfect. :) Too cute! Ana, congratulations! I will contact you about your super-top-secret prize.

To everyone else - you did an amazing job, I had such a fun time reading all of your entries, amazing! I hope to do more projects like this one!