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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Sample Sunday #1

Lately I've noticed I've managed to accumulate so many samples, and it just seems like a shame not to use them. So I decided to do a weekly post on Sundays (not every week, but when I have something to share) where I will be talking about the samples I used. I'll start using them on Monday of that week and by Sunday, I'll have my initial thoughts as well as how the product worked in a weeks' time. Let's get started with the products I'm using this week.

I got a gorgeous set of Melvita minis as a thank you. Thank you so much to the Melvita team. Let's start with the mini reviews. P.S. These minis came in the most adorable floral pink & green box which I, of course, forgot to photograph. But it really is precious!

Melvita Fresh Moisturizing Body Milk

First impressions: Not sure if I love the scent, but the consistency is something I love. Very milky indeed and sinks into my skin immediately. It really moisturized nicely as well, though my skin might need something a bit more potent in these cold months. Might be great in the summer.

Sunday thoughts: Okay, I am a person who is way to lazy to moisturize normally. But I was good and applied this every single day, sometimes even twice. And I am not joking - I don't know if it's the whole moisturizing thing or this specific product, but this actually helped my stretchmarks!! Some of them have faded at bit, which makes me insanely happy. Not thrilled about the scent, but the product itself is lovely ...

Melvita Argan Oil

First impressions: Didn't impress me when I used it on my face. Woke up with still-greasy skin, though it was very soft. Maybe as an overnight treatment or for doing the Oil Cleansing Method?

Sunday thoughts: My favourite way to use this was on my body, my skin just drank it all up! Used it on my hair as well, but I wouldn't recommend it as a styling product as my hair ended up looking a bit greasy. Maybe as a treatment. Smells great!

Melvita Hydrating Facial Gel for normal to combination skin

First impressions: Beautiful floral scent that really appeals to me. Really nice product which is a similar consistency to their body milk, a bit runny, but you're still able to work with it. Sinks in incredibly quickly and was great as a base to my makeup.

Sunday thoughts: Awesome product! Love this for under my makeup as well. Keeps my skin looking matte and still dewy (HOW?)

Chopard Wish EDP

First impressions: Not for me. Incense and patchouli, blah.

Sunday thoughts: Wait a moment! It evolved into something really beautiful, sweet, vanillary, caramelly, I even smell honey. Actually really like it and it's incredibly strong - need to apply as little as possible otherwise my head starts hurting. Love the scent when it settles down.

Shay & Blue Atropa Belladonna

First impressions: Nice enough scent, tad generic. I smell patchouli, though. Not the biggest fan.

Sunday thoughts: The sillage and logevity are a total joke. This lasted, literally, 5 minutes on me. I even asked my mom if she smelt it, thinking I just got used to the fragrance, but nope, nada. Too watered down and the scent is nothing special, either. Majorly disappointed.

Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Eye Cream

First impressions: Applied before I went to bed. Nice consistency and scent, nothing special.

Sunday thoughts: Wowza! Woke up with really tightened skin under my eyes. Really helped the puffines under my eyes, but I wasn't thrilled about the tightening effect. It felt a little constricting.

Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminée Eye and Lip cream for sensitive skin

First impressions: Not really sure what this product is intended for - wrinkles, fine lines, dry skin? Need to do some research. Might have made a mistake when I applied it directly to lips, but it felt so good! Instantly calmed down my dried out lips and my eyes felt very pleasant after applying this as well. Like.

Sunday thoughts: Well, I love the scent and I love the way it applies and feels on the skin, though I haven't had any longterm effects. Will keep using it until I run out. Also, it works great as a lip balm - I'm pretty sure it's not intended for that but it feels good on the lips.

There you have it! I may seem a little bit negative in this post, but please remember these are just my first impressions and my opinion may change when I keep using the items and may differ from yours. Just being honest here!

By the way, I would love if we could turn this into a bit of a tag. :) Feel free to do your own Sample Sunday post and link it back to my blog! I would love to hear your thoughts.



  1. Zelo zanimiv post in koncept. :) Si me prepričala, da probam Melvita Hydrating Facial Gel. :)

    1. Hvala! :) Reči jim za vzorček v trgovini, so zelo prijazni. :) x

  2. Super je izpadlo, res fajn post! :) xx

  3. How do you get samples for products?

    1. Hi Abbie. :) I usually get them when I buy something else and they let me choose some. Or with a purchase online. Sometimes companies send them to me as well. :) x

  4. I'm really interested in the Melvita Argan Oil and the Caudalie Lip and Eye cream :) Thanks for sharing your first impressions


    1. Melvita is an awesome brand, definitely check them out. I like Caudalie as well, though I haven't tried as many things from them! x

  5. A veš, da imam v mojem zvezku z idejami za blog točno takšen weekly post načrtovan, haha. Great minds think alike! Sem mislila že prejšnji teden začeti, pa sem vse svoje ideje prestavila na marec, ko bom zaključila z makeup šolo, ker niti ne bom imela časa probavati in pisati, pa še moja koža bo tale mesec verjetno spet v razsulu. Prejšnjič sem sem imela po pet različnih makeupov na dan gor. XD

    1. Omg, zdej mi je pa prov bed - I really didn't know! Haha :D Dej naredi še ti, meni so ful zanimivi teli hitri reviews. :) Uff, ti boš pa res zaposlena zdaj ja. x

  6. Tale Melvitin gel se pa res sliši popolno za mojo kožo :) Če mi ena druga krema, ki sem jo pred kratkim kupila ne bo všeč, bom definitivno sprobala to od Melvite :)

  7. Jaz imam tudi en kup testerjev doma... bom morala tudi kakšen tak post naredit. :D


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