I've loved the look of Penhaligon's fragrances for ages, so I jumped at the chance to review their Scent Library. This has five mens and five ladies fragrances, and I picked my two favourites from each range and described them below.

Let's start with the men! Blenheim Bouquet is a men's fragrance with a very strong citrus note. It would be perfect for summer as it's very refreshing, while still packing a punch with the gorgeous scent of black pepper. It also contains lavender, which I was surprised to find fit great with this masculine perfume - it added this clean, but sharp note. Love the overall lemon-y scent of this one with the calming pine in the background.

I don't know why, but a lot of these perfumes strike me as unisex, which is not saying they aren't masculine! They are, but on a woman they react completely differently and blend in with the skin to produce a softer scent. So the most unisex perfume out of all these is Quercus, a beautiful blend of citruses. The perfect scent to refresh you during the summer months is also a teensy bit sweet and has a few white floral mixed in there as well. It's really similar to CK One perfume, a famous unisex fragrance that I absolutely adore.

And now for the ladies ... Ellenisia is the most wonderful white floral I've probably ever smelled. It's a beautiful blend of tuberose and gardenia, two of my favourite notes, combined with beautiful jasmine and rose. It's also really sweet, which I find to be a wonderful combination with the heaviness of the white florals. The fruit notes come from a ripe plum and tangy mandarin orange, which add a twist to this classic fragrance and make it appropriate for summer as well as colder months. Imagine Kim K's first perfume, wrapped in a beautiful and luxurious packaging and with even lovelier, more defined notes.

Malabah, on the other hand, is a very fresh perfume and definitely not as heavy. It's very citrusy and the smell really reminds me of my favourite tea that Tilen's mom makes for us. There are also quite a few spices in this one, like ginger and cardamom - now I normally don't like spicy perfumes, this one being an exception as it's absolutely lovely. It also really reminds me of hot summer days, lying by the pool and drinking a glass of ice cold lemonade with sugar frosting on the glass.

There are many other scents in here which are absolutely lovely, but these four definitely stand out for me. Check out Penhaligons website where you can get their Scent Library for 16 pounds.