I am not a brush fanatic. Definitely not. Brushes are just not something that excite me, despite being a complete beauty addict. I would much rather buy a nice lipstick and make do with the brushes I have. That being said, I've recently discovered the wonders of a good brush and am here today to talk about my favourites.

I used Sigma brushes for a long time, but the fact that they had to be shipped from the US bothered me too much to order them again. I would definitely recommend them, but right now my heart belongs to Real Techniques brushes (and walnut ice cream, sweet jeebus that stuff is what dreams are made of). 

For my birthday back in August, my lovely boyfriend got me the Core Collection (buy it here) and Eye Starter Kit (purchase it on FeelUnique), both from Real Techniques. I have to say I didn't love the whole kits. I would much rather buy individual brushes since some of the brushes in the kit just serve no purpose in my makeup routine. That being said, I'll now tell you about the brushes I do love.

Starting off with the Buffing Brush, this is an absolute godsend. I want to buy 2974628 of these! Currently I use it for my liquid foundation and it does wonders blending and buffing it into my skin. It's also great for applying powders, blushers, even contouring with a bronzer. An all-around lovely brush which I just adore!

Next up is the Contour Brush, which I actually use for blusher (as you can see on the photo, dear LORD, I do love me some blusher, don't I). It's perfectly tapered and fits great onto the apples of my cheeks. Really soft as well. Beautiful brush! Haven't tried it for contouring yet, but I bet it works great for that as well.

Moving on to the Starter Kit for eyes, I was a bit disappointed with it. I have teeny tiny eyes (which I hide well, don't I? It's the mahoosive amounts of eyeliner, trust me) and these brushes are absolutely huge! They are way too big for my eyes. Even the one for eyebrows is enmormous and listen, I am a pretty big person at 5'11'', but this brush covers half my forehead. Which is great if, y'know, your eyebrows go all the way up to your hairline, but not so great if they're thinner.

Still, I've found myself using a few brushes from this kit, namely the Deluxe Crease Brush. This one is really really soft and quite flimsy, which makes it just perfect for blending. It's quite nice really. I like to apply a teensy bit of color on it and blend, blend, blend.

Next up is the Base Shadow Brush. Guys. If I were to apply a base with this, I would have eyeshadow all over my brows (the curse of tiny eyes continues). So I use it for highlighting, and it works great!

Next up is the Accent Brush, which makes a great compadre to the Brow Brush. I use the latter first to apply the lighter shade to my eyebrows, and then use the first one to add tiny amounts of a dark shade and blend it all together.

All in all, these brushes are amazing quality, though I have yet to find uses for some of them. Not the best if you have small and not-very-defined eyes, though, but ... Make it work! *snaps fingers in a wild and unruly fashion*