Who in their right mind has 9 shower gels, I ask you? Seriously people, this is not normal. I've apparently started to collect them without noticing. Mostly I'm blaming my mom who bought 4 Balea shower gels recently and I was going to tell her we already have tons, but then I smelled them. And oh, lordy lord, these smell good! Let me confess something to you - we keep out shower gels in a closet next to the front door, and it has happened many a time that I just wandered over there and started sniffing one of these. Is that bad? Don't judge.

In the first batch, we have 3 Yves Rocher lovelies - two are raspberry and cocoa scented, and the other is vanilla. I personally love both of the scents, but I haven't tried either of these yet, though I cannot wait to do so. One of them even has glitter in it, so I'll be nice & sparkly. Then we have Dr Scheller Pomegranate shower gel, which I already reviewed. And finally, there's L'Occitane's Pivoine Flora, which I got from a lovely girl called Petra. I love peonies so this is also right up my alley.

Behold Balea, the queen of shower gels. *angels singing, birds chirping, sun shining, nuns singing Allelujah etc.* Okay, let's start with the first one, which is Cinnamon & Apple. Sweet Jeebus! I wish I had this around Christmas time because it reminds me of December. This will be the next shower gel I use probably, because it's very seasonal. Next up is my absolute favourite, Coconut & Nectarine. Oh my dear lord! (Are you enjoying all these religious exclamations?) This smells so, so incredibly good. I love coconut, I love peaches, I love them together. Divine, fresh and lovely scent which I cannot wait to use, but will wait until it's a bit warmer. Next is another peach scent, Sunny Peach. I have the lotion from this line and they smell the same - lovely happy fragrance. And finally, we have Milk & Honey, which is an old family favourite - very gentle, inoffensive, yet nicely scented.

Okay, there you have it. I'm gonna go slap myself out of this obsession now (no but seriously, I'm probably gonna go sniff all of these and roll my eyes with pleasure. We're all mad here. No, wait, it's just me).