Hello hello! I've only been MIA for a week or so yet it feels like I've completely fallen off the wagon. I try to post every day, then stuff comes up and I don't manage it for ages, so I do hope you forgive me my sporadic posting, which is probably a bit annoying.

Today I'm here to talk about a brand that is completely new to me, Davines. This is a natural haircare brand that I have fallen head over heels in love with. First, I need to tell you a bit about my hair. If you've ever seen me in person, you'll know that my hair is basically fried. Because of the ombre which I did myself it's incredbily dry and brittle, and the healthy hair at the top is a mix of greasy and dry, which is annoying to no end. I have really difficult hair and despite almost never using heat (except blow drying), it's in very bad condition.

I received this Davines hair milk and I thought to myself, this needs to make miracles happen. Because otherwise, I might have to go for the chop, my hair is just so terrible! So let me tell you about the product. It's basically a leave-in treatment that protects your hair from heat - perfect to apply when you're just out of the shower and about to blow dry your locks. When I usually dry my hair, it's completely static-y, frizzy and all over the place. So I used this, hoping for a change, because I've heard some enthusiastic opinions. Lo and behold, I blow dried my hair, and it was incredibly soft and silky. If you have damaged hair you just know that soft and silky are not words you'd use to describe it, but seriously, this makes my hair so nourished and beautiful! It gives it some volume as well, which is always welcome and my hair looks tamed, which is great, because usually I have flyaway all over.

This is just so so good. I cannot believe a natural product can give me these results, it's amazing. I'm hoping to try more Davines products, because I was blown away by this one.

Moje slovenske bralke - Davines izdelki so dostopni predvsem v frizerskih salonih, določene linije pa tudi v nekaterih lekarnah. Za nakup izdelkov se lahko oglasite v salonu Babylon, mesto frizur na Miheličevi c. 14, v Ljubljani. Salon mi je bil toplo priporočen tudi za friziranje, če si želite nove pričeske! :)