Since I haven't posted about books for a while ... well, for a few days, I thought I'd share two of my recent reads with you. I'm pretty sure all of us have heard about Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn, which exploded in popularity and is also being made into a Hollywood movie starring Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike. I'm looking forward to the movie, but I enjoyed the book so much I'm really interested to see if it can measure up.

Gone Girl is the first book I read by Gillian Flynn, but is actually her latest work. Basically, it's about a man whose wife disappears and he struggles to find her. His chapters intertwine with those of his wife and slowly, we come to know the whole story. Gone Girl is amazing - surprising at every page, bursting with suspense, mystery and strange, strange things. It left me hungry for more and that's when I decided to pick up Sharp Objects, which was recommended by my aunt and also Chapter Stackss, Katie, on Youtube (check out her channel here.)

Sharp Objects is Flynn's first novel and for me, it's the one that really shines (though I have yet to read Dark Places). It's just asdfghkjl amazing. If you like seriously effed up characters, painful reality and twisted relationships, look no further. It's about a woman who returns to her hometown to research the disappearings of two little girls. I was so into this book I read it in mere hours, just absolutely amazing - storytelling at its best.

I would just like to warn you that these books are most definitely not PG13 and I would recommend them to readers who don't mind (or even better, like) strange writing, twisted characters and just weird things.

I deliberately kept my reviews brief, but please let me know if you end up reading these. I would love to know your thoughts! :)