I have gotten a few questions about where I shop for books. Now this info may be of no importance for you, but I thought I would still put together a guide to my favourite shops, in case anyone finds it useful. I only buy and read English novels (or Slovene/French if I feel fancy, in the second case, or want to read the original and not a translated version, in the first), so these are the stores and sites that stock English titles. Also useful if you're planning a visit to Slovenia and want to shop for some English books. Hope this helps someone!

It came to my attention that not all people know of the wonder that is The Book Depository. Now this is criminal, which is why I decided to do a post about it ASAP. Put simply, TBD is an online bookstore which ships worldwide and doesn't charge for shipping. Yes, really. Honestly, there's no twist. In my opinion they have the best selection of books with the most affordable prices and then when you add the fact that there is no shipping, you have a bargain in your hands! I also really love their Bargain Bucket which has somehow managed to disappear from their site, which annoys me to no end - you could find amazing deals there, like paperbacks for as low as 3€. If they do decide to bring it back, I will definitely be posting the link to it here. I would also like to add that I have shopped on here countless time, and when I say countless - I have probably spent ... Well, I'd rather not say. More than I should! If there was ever a problem with my order, the team at TBD was super nice and got it sorted really fast. Once, I did not receive a book, and they sent me a new one without question. I also received a book with a pen mark on it once (this hurt me physically because I hate it when books are damaged, I just feel so bad) and they offered to give me a full refund or send a new copy. I kept my book because hey, that pen mark gives it character, and they refunded every last cent of the price of the book. Mind you, I've probably placed about 25 orders with them and only had problems twice. Really amazing. Oh, and if you are wondering - each book always ships separately, so even if you just ordered a whooping amount of books, you will receive them on different days and in separate packages. They ship with the post, so no special carriers either. 

Felix is definitely my guilty pleasure. I'm probably in there three times a week. Okay, okay, I AM TRYING TO CUT DOWN. I love it because they have books on offer for 3, 5 and 7€. Sometimes more or less, depends on the book. I have gotten books there for 5€, and not of some obscure books, but titles like Wither by Lauren DeStefano and Divergent by Veronica Roth. They also have a wide variety of books, though I don't really like the YA section (it's mostly paranormal). Felix stores are all around Slovenia, but my favourite (and the one that stocks the most English books) is on Čopova (close to McDonalds). They also have a website but unfortunately, you cannot get English books on it. I really really hope they change that in the future, because I would love to order from home & there would probably be a bigger stock!

Mladinska knjiga is the final store I love. They have an awesome website too, which I haven't ordered from yet (because shipping in Slovenia is just a rip-off, I would love a free shipping option from their site, even if the books were more expensive, it would just make me feel better to pay for books and not packaging, haha). The site is admittedly a bit hard to navigate, but remember to check their Offers, where they often feature English titles. Oh, and YA books are listed under the Children section. I also adore their store on Slovenska Ulica. You have to go up the stairs and turn left (and I almost die at the top because I am so lazy and can't even handle a flight of stairs, GOD ŽIVA GET YOURSELF TOGETHER). Then you have a huge section of fiction and non-fiction (style, fashion, art, architecture, self-help ...). Definitely the best stocked store. My favourite is of course the fiction area, and I am always pleasantly surprised at the titles they stock - like The Luminaries for just 14€, while it costs 20€ online, The Goldfinch, Scott Lynch and also an absolutely beautiful collection of classics in gorgeous editions. There are also comics in the store as well as graphic novels, which keep Tilen busy while I browse chick lit, tee hee.

There you have it, whoo! That sure was a long post. And if someone comments on this post saying something along the lines 'Why don't you just get a Kindle?' I WILL SHUN YOU OFF MY BLOG. I don't have a Kindle and don't have any intention of ever getting one. If you do, good for you, but please don't be like one of those angry vegetarians who push their vegetables on everyone. K? Thank you. Sorry for the rant but as a book lover I get really offended when people push Kindles on me. Really, it's great if you can read on one, I personally cannot and do not wish to, so I would *really* appreciate not being pestered by a Kindle enthusiast (I am looking at you, Tilen, mom, dad, uncle, aunt, Jan. Jeebus you guys are so Kindle-obsessed you should just get a room with it! I kid, I kid). 

P.S. I have gotten so angry writing this post that I'll go punch a Kindle now.