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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ultraflesh Shinebox Highlighter and Shimmer Collection

I was contacted by StrawberryNet recently and offered to review this palette of highlighters they send out to bloggers. To be honest, I really wasn't expecting much, when these offers for bloggers come out, they're usually products with terrible pigmentation that companies just want to get rid off. That being said, this palette. Is. Amazeballs.

In it, you get five different highlighters. The palette opens like a wheel and is absolutely gorgeous! Ranging from gorgeous rose gold shades to sparkling whites, it just has everything you might need as far as highlighters go. The first one is powder, while the second two are creamy and the last two are in pencil form, but incredibly creamy as well. I was definitely not expecting to like this, much less absolutely loving it!

You can find this and many more bloggers on StrawberryNet's site, and if you're a fellow blogger I would definitely recommend signing up for their program and you could receive this gorgeous palette as well! Link: StrawberryNet


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