Hello there!

So today I wanted to talk about a very special thing I'm organising, and that is the Valentine Project. Recently I've noticed that people have really started to hate this holiday, which I think is kind of silly. Okay, okay, I agree - it's way too commercial, but I think the point of Valentine's day is to show people that you love them. And of course you should do that everyday, but a whole day to celebrate our love for each other? Yes, please!

With that in mind, I wanted to put together a project for bloggers, Youtubers and creative minds alike. I want to invite everyone who has an idea for a Valentine-related post to share in on their media - be it Instagram, your blog, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, anything. You can even guest post on Nothin' Fancy. Really. - send me your Valentine's day related pitches to nothinfancyreally@gmail.com.

If you want to participate, please shoot me an e-mail, tweet me (https://twitter.com/nthnfncyrlly) or contact me in any other way. You can also just sign up the link party below, linking to your post about the Valentine Project or your first contribution! I really want this project to connect other creative minds - if you have another blogger in your area, collaborate on a post together!

You can write/film anything - hair, makeup, nails, recipes, DIY, books - anything at all! I will choose the best posts of the day and give them a special mention, and at the end, there will be a big post highlighting every one of your works.

Join if you were planning to write Valentine's Day themed posts anyway for a chance to win a secret prize. Yes, the best post (judged by me) will also win a personalized prize (I suggest you all start writing your wishlists! :P).

Sounds good? Join in! Project is open to ANYONE WORLDWIDE. Remember to tweet your posts with the hashtag #thevalentineproject and if you want to be entered for the prize, also tweet it at me (@nthnfncyrlly). Good luck lovelies. Share the love! <3

P.S. About the prize - I want to choose the best of the best and pick a prize especially for you, so that's why I cannot tell you what it is. It might be that makeup palette you've wanted forever or a perfume you've had on your wishlist (or a book. I approve of books). I will have a good rummage through your blog/social media and find the best gift for you!