Okay, first of all. I AM NOT GETTING MARRIED. But I was approached by DressFirst.com to create a post about their website and I kinda sorta got carried away with planning my imaginary wedding, complete with bridesmaid's dresses and even an outfit for the flower girl. Tilen had to stop me from buying a tiara right now because c'mon, a girl needs a tiara. I thought this would tie in perfectly with the V-Day theme, so here you have it ...

Okay, of course I planned the whole thing and didn't even think about the location, but I did pick the prettiest outfits for everyone, starting, of course, with yours truly. Something about this mermaid dress just attracts me, and it's probably (spoiler alert) that gorgeous back. Come on, how pretty is that! If you're like me and you're partial to a bit of TLC (the tv programme) you've seen those shows where brides pick out their dresses. Now the money they spend there boggles my mind - who in their right mind would pay 20k for a wedding dress? I love that Dress First's gowns are more affordable, with this one costing just around 250 dollars. You can see more here. 

Now for the accessories. I had to mentally stop myself from adding tons of things to my wishlist. I mean, do you think I could have a veil and a tiara? And like, five pairs of shoes? No? Bah. Well, I did pick this garter (ooh la la!), a veil - because c'mon I need one, and I'll totally wear it on other occasions, and the shoes were actually picked out by Tilen (so you know I'm not some crazy lady browsing wedding websites behind his back).

And finally, my girls would wear this gorgeous lavender dress inspired by yours truly's favourite color (and I love the silver shoes as well), while the flower girls would be in this too-cute-to-handle pouf of a dress. Please tell me I'm not the only one who stared at this photo for long enough to see the bows were actually flowers.

Well there you have it, my imaginary wedding is done. Well, the dressing part. Don't get me started on the cake, because I just saw the perfect one on Pinterest today.

If you have any special occasions to attend, I would really recommend popping by Dress First, they have lots of dresses for homecoming and prom as well!