Today I decided to try something a bit different and style my hair without heat. Since I don't have to go anywhere today (well I do, but let's pretend I'll do it tomorrow), I thought there would be no harm if it didn't come out okay. So I used the products in the first photo and the look I got is the voluminous beachy hair in the second one (again, shall we pretend it's actually voluminous and beach? Ohkay).

I washed my hair with TIGI Oatmeal & Honey shampoo, then I applied the conditioner from the same line and the Macadamia Deep Treatment Mask. I waited about 5 minutes and then I washed it all off with cool water - this will really give your hair that extra shine. When I got out of the shower, I towel-dried my hair thoroughly since I didn't want to use a hair dryer. I sprayed in some Yves Rocher Detangling Spray and combed it all out with my favourite Denman brush. Then, I added some got2b Beach Girl spray, and I kept applying this throughout the hour and a half it took for my hair to air dry. I just spritzed in once every 15 minutes and I got left with these beachy piece-y waves. Unfortuntately, I always have to comb my hair, otherwise I feel like a hobo, so I kinda ruined the waves but was still left with some nice texture and volume in my otherwise stick-straight hair. Even my bangs decided to cooperate and I'm left with a perfect, easy no-heat 'do!