If you buy one thing this month, make it this amazing mask by Mama Nature, an all natural skincare company. Ranging from products to treat your skin condition to oils, you're sure to find something to love from this amazing brand! I absolutely fell in love with Queen B, a beauty balm which looks like wax and applies like an oil.

Let me start off by describing my skin for any new readers, as those who have been reading me for a while surely know what it's like ... I used to have terrible acne which is gone now and I rarely break out, though my skin is still very clogged, as you can see in the photos. I also have combination skin, which is very oily on the T-zone. I applied this mask for the first time and thought it was a cleansing balm at first, so I rinsed it off and was immediately left with beautiful soft skin. After doing more research I left it on for a couple of hours yesterday (it feels and looks like oil on the skin) and I woke up with the results you see on the second photo of my skin, the first being taken yesterday evening before applying the mask. I used to have terribly bumpy skin, so having it this soft and beautiful is something completely new for me and I am amazed (also Tilen is getting annoyed by me coming up to him and asking him to touch it). Seriously guys, you need this in your life!

Queen B can be found on the Mama Nature website here.