This L'Occitane perfume was a gift for writing the letter of the month to Slovenian Elle magazine. I was so so happy when I got it! When I entered I didn't even know what the prize was, but oh my, they really hit the spot with this fragrance, because it's exactly the kind of perfume I love.

Vanille & Narcisse is a very grown-up sweet scent. By that I mean that yes, it is still sweet, but in a sophisticated way. The daffodil in the fragrance is really lovely and there's also some gardenia in there (this automatically means I'll love it, because I'm a sucker for gardenia). There's also a hint of ctirus with bergamot and some tonka bean, which I already love in my Burberry Brit. The perfume is really strong, which I definitely appreciate since so many scents these days are incredibly watered down. The sillage is lovely as well, not overwhelming, but still quite strong. Longevity of the scent is about 8 hours on me - it doesn't smell strong the whole time, but fades into a pleasant sweetness. That it lasts such a long time is a miracle in itself since my skin pretty much drinks up perfume.

In terms of similarity, this fragrance really reminds me of YSL's Cinema - so similar, but at the same time different - they are in the same scent family.

All in all, a beautiful fragrance that comes in simple, but pretty packaging. Makes me really want to try the other fragrances from this line - it's called La Collection de Grasse (which is a town in France famous for their parfumeries, I've actually been there)  & all the perfumes seem amazing. I think they've also just brought out some new perfumes in this line, so I'm excited to give them a sniff!

Slovenske bralke boste za parfum odštele okrog 55€ za 75 ml na strani