Today I wanted to review this Dr. Scheller body wash. I've been eyeing this brand in our local drugstore for a while, especially their skincare range, which looks gorgeous. I didn't even know they had a bodycare range as well, so I was really happy to receive this Pomegranate Shower Gel to review.

Ever since I tried Yves Rocher's Pomegranate Shower Gel, I've been kind of hooked on the scent. But while that one is very sweet and sugary, this one from Dr. Scheller is fresher and more natural. Definitely a great pick up in the morning when you can barely drag yourself to the bathroom. It lathers up really nicely as well and I find it suits my skin perfectly, since it is quite dry. Also another plus point is that it contains no mineral oil or silicones.

Tilen has been using this as well and mentioned to me that it 'soothes his skin'. He said it in a fancy accent, too, in case you were wondering. And he keeps saying it as I type this. So that alone must be proof that it's a good product. :)

Available in drugstores and online for around 6€.