Since one of my New Year's resolutions was to post about fashion more often, I decided to feature a collection I've really been loving (staring at). I couldn't even fit into all of the looks I love because there are so many! J. Crew is a brand I'm not too familiar with, since their products are a bit too expensive for my budget and they're not available here in Slovenia. I have yet to order from their site, but I'm definitely interested in some of their pieces. They seem like really classic, investment pieces to me.

Their 2014 RTW collection was a sight to behold with bold florals, mixing patterns, stripes and pastels. I really like the new take on the spring trends we see year after year and will definitely be trying out similar looks. Oh, and I wouldn't mind if a generous donator appeared and offered to buy me the whole collection. Takers, CALL ME. NOW.

If you're boke like me, you might consider getting a few similar pieces. I think the store that is the most like J. Crew is probably Mango, and sometimes Zara. They both have online stores, so ... you're probably off shopping now & I'm talking to myself. Well.I might as well go and do something. K bye.