It's been absolute ages since I've talked about blogs I love reading. Since I've been really into blogs lately I thought it was only fair to share with you my favourite blogs of the moment. As per usual, I'm featuring one international and one Slovenian blog. If you'd like more of these posts, please let me know - I have so many more prepared! Read on to see who captured my attention. :)

Let's start with M Loves M, a beautiful lifestyle blog written by Mara from California. This beautiful lady features some amazing recipes and her style is something I can totally identify with - I get so much inspiration from her outfits! Also love the fact that she includes her husband, Matthew, in M Loves M, since I'm also partial to talking about my own boy (sounds like I own him). Also want to spend a second talking about her beautiful design, which I specifically mentioned to the lovely lady who did mine, telling her I absolutely love the way Mara's blog is done. I've found myself browsing the archives of this beautiful blog and pinning everything like crazy. Such an incredibly well done blog with stunning photography and just beautiful writing - makes me wish I was from the US so I could invite Mara for a cup of coffee!

I may be a bit partial with this. I honestly don't care. Nina in the Spring is a beautiful blog written by, you guessed it, Nina, who has a passion for natural beauty, traveling and fashion. To get a bit more personal, this girl is my best friend and I freaking love her. Nina is the sweetest person ever, I don't think she has a bad bone in her body. It is impossible to fight with this girl (personal experience). She is just too sweet and kind. As if that isn't enough, she has the most gorgeous blog full of things that inspire me and make me want to better mine. This gorgeous lady just had a bit of a makeover and I'm still swooning over her new ombre bob, which suits her perfectly. Also, everytime I see her she is dressed for the nines and looks perfect. We're thinking about doing some collabs together, which should be fun as well. I just really want to get the word out there about her blog, because she does not get enough attention for how beautiful a person & blogger she is. Love you, guuurl!

There you have it. Hope you enjoy & find some new reads and don't forget to tell me about blogs you've been enjoying - even if it's yours (go for it girl!), I'll look into all of the links in the comments. :)