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You may not think it, but when it comes to fashion you can actually make quite a statement with socks. Wearing the right kind of footwear can add something completely different to an outfit. Clothes that might seem quite average can be completed by having stylish socks. Socks are also a necessity in the winter when you need to keep your feet nice and toasty. You can even purchase thermal socks that help generate heat and keep your feet feeling cosy.

If you want to make a fashion statement this winter then get your hands on some unique socks that will completely transform your look. Quality and fashionable socks are also becoming very popular with men who feel investing in a good pair of socks is important. Here are some of the latest sock trends.

Over The Knee High Socks
Knee high socks are still in the picture, but recently a newer model has come out. Socks that come over your knees are now coming in to fashion. This is perfect timing for the winter because longer socks keep your legs and feet much warmer. Be brave and get some over the knee high socks so that you stand out this winter. Getting the right fit is very important as the correct size can really enhance your legs.

Bold Colours For Men
Men are getting more creative when it comes to  there footwear and socks this year. They are moving away from the traditional black and white standard socks and opting for brighter colours. Even men in suits can now be seen with bold socks that really stand out. Women are also happy to go for brighter colours. Get yourself some bright and colourful socks as a present of gift.

Personalised Socks
Personalised socks are becoming more popular. People just love socks that are specific to them. You can get socks with your initials on or even made to a specific design of your choice. Expect to see couples getting each other socks with their names on for Christmas.

Novelty Socks
Everybody enjoys getting a pair of novelty socks with their favourite cartoon or quirky design on. Novelty socks are ideal for everyday use and can be ordered in a huge range of styles. Get yourself some fun novelty socks rather than always buying the same plain pairs.

Statement Stripes And Patterns
Stripes and patterns seem to be all the rage at the moment when it comes to socks. Stripes and patterns are also popular with normal clothing, now the fashion trend has moved onto sock too. Stock up on some socks with bright colour patterns and stand out stripes.

Socks Under Open Shoes
Some people seriously question this fashion footwear trend. Over the summer especially it was common for people to wear socks under open shoes. This may seem like an odd trend, but if you do it right you can really rock this look. Go for bare legs and open toes and you should be able to pull it off.

Angela Hardy works as a fashion designer and loves to blog about clothing and the latest fashion trends. She recommends Sock Supermarket for all your footwear needs.