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Friday, January 31, 2014

Blogs of the week #4

It's been absolute ages since I've talked about blogs I love reading. Since I've been really into blogs lately I thought it was only fair to share with you my favourite blogs of the moment. As per usual, I'm featuring one international and one Slovenian blog. If you'd like more of these posts, please let me know - I have so many more prepared! Read on to see who captured my attention. :)

Let's start with M Loves M, a beautiful lifestyle blog written by Mara from California. This beautiful lady features some amazing recipes and her style is something I can totally identify with - I get so much inspiration from her outfits! Also love the fact that she includes her husband, Matthew, in M Loves M, since I'm also partial to talking about my own boy (sounds like I own him). Also want to spend a second talking about her beautiful design, which I specifically mentioned to the lovely lady who did mine, telling her I absolutely love the way Mara's blog is done. I've found myself browsing the archives of this beautiful blog and pinning everything like crazy. Such an incredibly well done blog with stunning photography and just beautiful writing - makes me wish I was from the US so I could invite Mara for a cup of coffee!

I may be a bit partial with this. I honestly don't care. Nina in the Spring is a beautiful blog written by, you guessed it, Nina, who has a passion for natural beauty, traveling and fashion. To get a bit more personal, this girl is my best friend and I freaking love her. Nina is the sweetest person ever, I don't think she has a bad bone in her body. It is impossible to fight with this girl (personal experience). She is just too sweet and kind. As if that isn't enough, she has the most gorgeous blog full of things that inspire me and make me want to better mine. This gorgeous lady just had a bit of a makeover and I'm still swooning over her new ombre bob, which suits her perfectly. Also, everytime I see her she is dressed for the nines and looks perfect. We're thinking about doing some collabs together, which should be fun as well. I just really want to get the word out there about her blog, because she does not get enough attention for how beautiful a person & blogger she is. Love you, guuurl!

There you have it. Hope you enjoy & find some new reads and don't forget to tell me about blogs you've been enjoying - even if it's yours (go for it girl!), I'll look into all of the links in the comments. :)


Thursday, January 30, 2014

January Book Haul

Well January was book shopping month, as you can clearly see! One month I'll go crazy buying skincare, then fashion pieces, but this month, I spend major money on new reads. Also included a beautiful Christmas present Tilen and I got which is the book at the bottom, a Slovenian cookbook by Sister Vendelina. Love it!

Right now I'm reading Dash and Lily's Book of Dares and I am completely surprised by this book! I thought it would just be a fluffy, cheesy winter read, but the characters are so different and written very well, so I'm excited to finish it tonigh. Yesterday I read Cold Spell by Jackson Pearce, and this is from the Fairytale Re-tellings series which I adore, but I actually disliked this book so much. It was really disappointing. I also feel like I'm getting too old for YA (gasp! shock! horror!) because I just cannot get into it anymore, I just feel like it's a bit dumbed down. So upsetting, but maybe I am growing up?

Another highlight is the final Gillian Flynn novel I have to read, Dark Places. I read both Sharp Objects and Gone Girl and I absolutely adored them both. If you'd like to see a joint review of all three books I would gladly do one, so please let me know.

My guilty pleausures of the month where How to fall in love by Cecelia Ahern and Softly Grew The Poppies by Audrey Howard. The latter is my favourite historical romance writer, I absolutely adore her books and cannot wait to start reading this one, which is her newest. Miss Ahern, on the other hand, completely surprised me with both The Book of Tomorrow and One Hundred Names, which I adored. I saw P.S. I Love You, and I'm sorry, but I strongly dislike that movie, it's soooo cheesy. But I love her as an author.

A new find is Where'd you go Bernadette by Maria Semple and this book is so raved about, I just had to get it! Everyone seems to have read it and I even heard it's like Gone Girl for the teenage girl, which amuses me to no end.

A book I finally got is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern - after sitting on my wishlist for years, I finally got this book which is apparently about magic and the circus. What's not to love?

And finally, I got the rest of The Chemical Garden series, since I already have the first novel. I do like me a bit of dystopian, so I will surely enjoy this series (here's hoping, at least).

This haul was a mish mash of all kinds of books and genres, because I do like to have some variety to my reading. Hope you enjoyed, and please let me know if you would like to see any reviews.

Do you have any book recommendations for me?

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

New lippie treats!

If you follow me on Instagram (@zivagedei) you have probably seen the package I got from the postman today. I included some Isadora and Burt's Bees goodies and since I was way too excited, I decided to post a quick post about my first impressions of the lip products i received.

Let's start with IsaDora's Color Chock Glossy Lip Stain in shade 50 Diva Pink, which I'm wearing in the first photo. I'm starting this post off with my favourite product. I am already head over heels in love with this product. I imagine this is what matte lip creams apply like. It has a doe foot applicator, looks like a gloss, but is instead an insanely pigmented lip cream. Literally in that photo, I only applied it to my bottom lip, smacked my lips together, and the color was so opaque. I am just thrilled with this product and this gorgeous blue-ish pink shade is gorgeous as well. Seriously ooh-ing and aah-ing over this product and will use it consistenly, and definitely want more shades from this range. Price is 15,50€.

Next up is another IsaDora product, and it's the Twist-Up Gloss Stick Moisturizing Lip Filler in shade 08 Red Romance. Now I'm a big fan of these lip crayons and my firm favourites are Clinique Chubby Sticks, which I think are the ones that started the trend. However, I have to say these are a completely different product, mora comparable to the Bourjois lip crayons. Red Romance is very pigmented and a tiny bit waxy, it's also very longlasting. The waxiness helps it stay on longer. They feel ok on the lips - not really moisturizing, but not at all drying. Really love the shade, which I'm wearing in the third photo. The formula is definitely better than the Bourjois crayons though, and I also like the color selection Isadora has - some beautiful shades in there! Price is 14,77€.

Check out IsaDora's website here.

Lastly we have a lip balm, and I am so thankful I got one, because I can never have too many and this one is great. It's Burt's Bees Replenishing Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil and in the tube it's tinted - very very slightly though. Personally I have very colorless lips and I kinda look dead if I don't wear any lipstick. This is a bit annoying as sometimes lipsticks are way too drying (especially if I went to town biting my lips the previous night). This is why I love this lip balm - it's very moisturizing, but so lightly tinted that it doesn't look like you're wearing anything, while still adding some much needed color to my face. It smells lovely as well, which is an added bonus. By the way, these come in a variety of scents and flavours (beeswax, red grapefruit, honey). I'm wearing it in the middle photo. They cost 4,42€.

It's probably obvious that I'm thrilled about these products, but keep in mind these are just my first impressions. I plan on writing more detailed posts on the products as well (especially the lip balm from Burt's Bees, which came in the cutest kit)!


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

L'Occitane Vanille et Narcisse

This L'Occitane perfume was a gift for writing the letter of the month to Slovenian Elle magazine. I was so so happy when I got it! When I entered I didn't even know what the prize was, but oh my, they really hit the spot with this fragrance, because it's exactly the kind of perfume I love.

Vanille & Narcisse is a very grown-up sweet scent. By that I mean that yes, it is still sweet, but in a sophisticated way. The daffodil in the fragrance is really lovely and there's also some gardenia in there (this automatically means I'll love it, because I'm a sucker for gardenia). There's also a hint of ctirus with bergamot and some tonka bean, which I already love in my Burberry Brit. The perfume is really strong, which I definitely appreciate since so many scents these days are incredibly watered down. The sillage is lovely as well, not overwhelming, but still quite strong. Longevity of the scent is about 8 hours on me - it doesn't smell strong the whole time, but fades into a pleasant sweetness. That it lasts such a long time is a miracle in itself since my skin pretty much drinks up perfume.

In terms of similarity, this fragrance really reminds me of YSL's Cinema - so similar, but at the same time different - they are in the same scent family.

All in all, a beautiful fragrance that comes in simple, but pretty packaging. Makes me really want to try the other fragrances from this line - it's called La Collection de Grasse (which is a town in France famous for their parfumeries, I've actually been there)  & all the perfumes seem amazing. I think they've also just brought out some new perfumes in this line, so I'm excited to give them a sniff!

Slovenske bralke boste za parfum odštele okrog 55€ za 75 ml na strani http://www.loccitane.si/.

Monday, January 27, 2014

No-Heat Hair

Today I decided to try something a bit different and style my hair without heat. Since I don't have to go anywhere today (well I do, but let's pretend I'll do it tomorrow), I thought there would be no harm if it didn't come out okay. So I used the products in the first photo and the look I got is the voluminous beachy hair in the second one (again, shall we pretend it's actually voluminous and beach? Ohkay).

I washed my hair with TIGI Oatmeal & Honey shampoo, then I applied the conditioner from the same line and the Macadamia Deep Treatment Mask. I waited about 5 minutes and then I washed it all off with cool water - this will really give your hair that extra shine. When I got out of the shower, I towel-dried my hair thoroughly since I didn't want to use a hair dryer. I sprayed in some Yves Rocher Detangling Spray and combed it all out with my favourite Denman brush. Then, I added some got2b Beach Girl spray, and I kept applying this throughout the hour and a half it took for my hair to air dry. I just spritzed in once every 15 minutes and I got left with these beachy piece-y waves. Unfortuntately, I always have to comb my hair, otherwise I feel like a hobo, so I kinda ruined the waves but was still left with some nice texture and volume in my otherwise stick-straight hair. Even my bangs decided to cooperate and I'm left with a perfect, easy no-heat 'do!

How to Wear: A Sequin Top

First photo: sequin top, Gvant, trousers, Orsay, boots, Bata, bag, C&A, lipstick, Revlon Lollipop. Second photo: sequin top, Gvant, boyfriend jeans, ASOS, heeled Chelsea boots, Humanic, bag, Orsay. Third photo: sequin top, Gvant, skirt, Promod, clutch, ASOS, heels, ZARA, lipstick, MAC Rebel.

Okay, first of all. Um. I'm so embarassed posting this. Like if there's something I'm not, it's a fashion blogger. But I really wanted to style this top three different ways, because I think a sequin top can actually be super versatile! So in the first photo you can see it dressed down, the third one is dressed up and the second can be either one depending if you choose heels or not! By the way, I got this gorgeous sequin top from Gvant 2nd Hand - check out their Facebook page here. Also wanted to thank my uncle Peter for taking the photos (which even I have to admit are amazing) & aunt Maja for being the assistant. Check out Peter's site here. Well, here's something I never thought I'd be posting!

P.S. I am honestly a bit scared of your response because obviously I'm pretty curvy, so please be nice, otherwise Tilen's going to have to be up all night consoling me. And he has an exam in two days!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Orofluido Hair Oil & Mascara

Recently I was sent this beautiful kit to review. Orofluido is a hair oil that is pretty well-known here in Slovenia - I remember I even got some for a classmate back in high school. Well I for one have never tried it, and I was really looking forward to review the oil. The mascara that was in the package was a welcome surprise since you can never have too many mascaras and this one comes with a light and mirror!

Orofluido Beauty Elixir is a beauty treatment for all hair types. It can be used on dry or damp hair and you don't rinse it out. I have heard that this has silicones in it and that is supposedly bad for your hair. Well, I can only tell you my personal experience and I have to say I really enjoy this product! First of all, it smells like pure vanilla, absolutely love the velvety scent. You only need the tiniest amount (seriously tiniest) because the product is so thick. I apply it on my ends first and then the leftovers through the rest of my hair. It definitely makes a difference. Since I've been taking better care of my hair I've noticed it looks so, so much better. It's softer, less dry, less split ends and way more manageable. My hair also looks healthy for the first time in years. Orofluido definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

Now for the mascara. I really like the fact that it comes with a light, how cool is that? If I was a clubbing person I would totally take this with me and apply it in the dark, haha. The mascara wand is plastic and is great for lengthening. Personally, I look for volume when it comes to lashes, since mine are already quite long. So I use this together with a volumising mascara, otherwise my lashes turn out too natural for my liking. However, I love that it combs through my lashes and doesn't clump in the slightest!

Slovenske bralke lahko Orofluido izdelke kupite na spletni strani Studio Ma.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Collection Love: J. Crew Spring 2014 RTW

Since one of my New Year's resolutions was to post about fashion more often, I decided to feature a collection I've really been loving (staring at). I couldn't even fit into all of the looks I love because there are so many! J. Crew is a brand I'm not too familiar with, since their products are a bit too expensive for my budget and they're not available here in Slovenia. I have yet to order from their site, but I'm definitely interested in some of their pieces. They seem like really classic, investment pieces to me.

Their 2014 RTW collection was a sight to behold with bold florals, mixing patterns, stripes and pastels. I really like the new take on the spring trends we see year after year and will definitely be trying out similar looks. Oh, and I wouldn't mind if a generous donator appeared and offered to buy me the whole collection. Takers, CALL ME. NOW.

If you're boke like me, you might consider getting a few similar pieces. I think the store that is the most like J. Crew is probably Mango, and sometimes Zara. They both have online stores, so ... you're probably off shopping now & I'm talking to myself. Well.I might as well go and do something. K bye.

Where to buy books (Slovenia & International)

I have gotten a few questions about where I shop for books. Now this info may be of no importance for you, but I thought I would still put together a guide to my favourite shops, in case anyone finds it useful. I only buy and read English novels (or Slovene/French if I feel fancy, in the second case, or want to read the original and not a translated version, in the first), so these are the stores and sites that stock English titles. Also useful if you're planning a visit to Slovenia and want to shop for some English books. Hope this helps someone!

It came to my attention that not all people know of the wonder that is The Book Depository. Now this is criminal, which is why I decided to do a post about it ASAP. Put simply, TBD is an online bookstore which ships worldwide and doesn't charge for shipping. Yes, really. Honestly, there's no twist. In my opinion they have the best selection of books with the most affordable prices and then when you add the fact that there is no shipping, you have a bargain in your hands! I also really love their Bargain Bucket which has somehow managed to disappear from their site, which annoys me to no end - you could find amazing deals there, like paperbacks for as low as 3€. If they do decide to bring it back, I will definitely be posting the link to it here. I would also like to add that I have shopped on here countless time, and when I say countless - I have probably spent ... Well, I'd rather not say. More than I should! If there was ever a problem with my order, the team at TBD was super nice and got it sorted really fast. Once, I did not receive a book, and they sent me a new one without question. I also received a book with a pen mark on it once (this hurt me physically because I hate it when books are damaged, I just feel so bad) and they offered to give me a full refund or send a new copy. I kept my book because hey, that pen mark gives it character, and they refunded every last cent of the price of the book. Mind you, I've probably placed about 25 orders with them and only had problems twice. Really amazing. Oh, and if you are wondering - each book always ships separately, so even if you just ordered a whooping amount of books, you will receive them on different days and in separate packages. They ship with the post, so no special carriers either. 

Felix is definitely my guilty pleasure. I'm probably in there three times a week. Okay, okay, I AM TRYING TO CUT DOWN. I love it because they have books on offer for 3, 5 and 7€. Sometimes more or less, depends on the book. I have gotten books there for 5€, and not of some obscure books, but titles like Wither by Lauren DeStefano and Divergent by Veronica Roth. They also have a wide variety of books, though I don't really like the YA section (it's mostly paranormal). Felix stores are all around Slovenia, but my favourite (and the one that stocks the most English books) is on Čopova (close to McDonalds). They also have a website but unfortunately, you cannot get English books on it. I really really hope they change that in the future, because I would love to order from home & there would probably be a bigger stock!

Mladinska knjiga is the final store I love. They have an awesome website too, which I haven't ordered from yet (because shipping in Slovenia is just a rip-off, I would love a free shipping option from their site, even if the books were more expensive, it would just make me feel better to pay for books and not packaging, haha). The site is admittedly a bit hard to navigate, but remember to check their Offers, where they often feature English titles. Oh, and YA books are listed under the Children section. I also adore their store on Slovenska Ulica. You have to go up the stairs and turn left (and I almost die at the top because I am so lazy and can't even handle a flight of stairs, GOD ŽIVA GET YOURSELF TOGETHER). Then you have a huge section of fiction and non-fiction (style, fashion, art, architecture, self-help ...). Definitely the best stocked store. My favourite is of course the fiction area, and I am always pleasantly surprised at the titles they stock - like The Luminaries for just 14€, while it costs 20€ online, The Goldfinch, Scott Lynch and also an absolutely beautiful collection of classics in gorgeous editions. There are also comics in the store as well as graphic novels, which keep Tilen busy while I browse chick lit, tee hee.

There you have it, whoo! That sure was a long post. And if someone comments on this post saying something along the lines 'Why don't you just get a Kindle?' I WILL SHUN YOU OFF MY BLOG. I don't have a Kindle and don't have any intention of ever getting one. If you do, good for you, but please don't be like one of those angry vegetarians who push their vegetables on everyone. K? Thank you. Sorry for the rant but as a book lover I get really offended when people push Kindles on me. Really, it's great if you can read on one, I personally cannot and do not wish to, so I would *really* appreciate not being pestered by a Kindle enthusiast (I am looking at you, Tilen, mom, dad, uncle, aunt, Jan. Jeebus you guys are so Kindle-obsessed you should just get a room with it! I kid, I kid). 

P.S. I have gotten so angry writing this post that I'll go punch a Kindle now. 

Dr. Scheller Pomegranate Shower Gel

Today I wanted to review this Dr. Scheller body wash. I've been eyeing this brand in our local drugstore for a while, especially their skincare range, which looks gorgeous. I didn't even know they had a bodycare range as well, so I was really happy to receive this Pomegranate Shower Gel to review.

Ever since I tried Yves Rocher's Pomegranate Shower Gel, I've been kind of hooked on the scent. But while that one is very sweet and sugary, this one from Dr. Scheller is fresher and more natural. Definitely a great pick up in the morning when you can barely drag yourself to the bathroom. It lathers up really nicely as well and I find it suits my skin perfectly, since it is quite dry. Also another plus point is that it contains no mineral oil or silicones.

Tilen has been using this as well and mentioned to me that it 'soothes his skin'. He said it in a fancy accent, too, in case you were wondering. And he keeps saying it as I type this. So that alone must be proof that it's a good product. :)

Available in drugstores and online for around 6€.


One day I'll be the princess in my own fairytale

Okay, first of all. I AM NOT GETTING MARRIED. But I was approached by DressFirst.com to create a post about their website and I kinda sorta got carried away with planning my imaginary wedding, complete with bridesmaid's dresses and even an outfit for the flower girl. Tilen had to stop me from buying a tiara right now because c'mon, a girl needs a tiara. I thought this would tie in perfectly with the V-Day theme, so here you have it ...

Okay, of course I planned the whole thing and didn't even think about the location, but I did pick the prettiest outfits for everyone, starting, of course, with yours truly. Something about this mermaid dress just attracts me, and it's probably (spoiler alert) that gorgeous back. Come on, how pretty is that! If you're like me and you're partial to a bit of TLC (the tv programme) you've seen those shows where brides pick out their dresses. Now the money they spend there boggles my mind - who in their right mind would pay 20k for a wedding dress? I love that Dress First's gowns are more affordable, with this one costing just around 250 dollars. You can see more here. 

Now for the accessories. I had to mentally stop myself from adding tons of things to my wishlist. I mean, do you think I could have a veil and a tiara? And like, five pairs of shoes? No? Bah. Well, I did pick this garter (ooh la la!), a veil - because c'mon I need one, and I'll totally wear it on other occasions, and the shoes were actually picked out by Tilen (so you know I'm not some crazy lady browsing wedding websites behind his back).

And finally, my girls would wear this gorgeous lavender dress inspired by yours truly's favourite color (and I love the silver shoes as well), while the flower girls would be in this too-cute-to-handle pouf of a dress. Please tell me I'm not the only one who stared at this photo for long enough to see the bows were actually flowers.

Well there you have it, my imaginary wedding is done. Well, the dressing part. Don't get me started on the cake, because I just saw the perfect one on Pinterest today.

If you have any special occasions to attend, I would really recommend popping by Dress First, they have lots of dresses for homecoming and prom as well!

Monday, January 20, 2014

The quickest sweet treat ever!

Tilen and I got a gorgeous cookbook from Vendelina this Christmas. She was a Slovenian nun who was famous for her delicious recipes. To start off my Valentine Project, I thought I would post this scrumptious pudding recipe, which I adapted from her book! 

You will need: 200 grams of sugar (optional), a packet of vanilla pudding, some raspberries (if you're using frozen ones, thaw them in the microwave), juice of half a lemon and lemon shavings of 1 lemon, 1 yogurt, 0,5 litre of milk.

Instructions: Prepare the pudding according to the package and add sugar, if you are using it. When it has thickened up, add the yogurt (in Slovenia we have a thicker variety, if you do not, use 1 cup of Greek yogurt). Add the lemon juice and shavings. Top with raspberries. Chill before you serve (but honestly, I won't blame you if you eat it hot).

I really thinkthis would be perfect to make for Valentine's day because of the colours, the lovely flavour and because it is so easy to make you can have it ready in 15 minutes. If you're not good at cooking, definitely give this a go because it's fail-proof! So so easy to make and just perfect if you need a little sugar fix! Let me know if you try it. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Valentine Project

Hello there!

So today I wanted to talk about a very special thing I'm organising, and that is the Valentine Project. Recently I've noticed that people have really started to hate this holiday, which I think is kind of silly. Okay, okay, I agree - it's way too commercial, but I think the point of Valentine's day is to show people that you love them. And of course you should do that everyday, but a whole day to celebrate our love for each other? Yes, please!

With that in mind, I wanted to put together a project for bloggers, Youtubers and creative minds alike. I want to invite everyone who has an idea for a Valentine-related post to share in on their media - be it Instagram, your blog, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, anything. You can even guest post on Nothin' Fancy. Really. - send me your Valentine's day related pitches to nothinfancyreally@gmail.com.

If you want to participate, please shoot me an e-mail, tweet me (https://twitter.com/nthnfncyrlly) or contact me in any other way. You can also just sign up the link party below, linking to your post about the Valentine Project or your first contribution! I really want this project to connect other creative minds - if you have another blogger in your area, collaborate on a post together!

You can write/film anything - hair, makeup, nails, recipes, DIY, books - anything at all! I will choose the best posts of the day and give them a special mention, and at the end, there will be a big post highlighting every one of your works.

Join if you were planning to write Valentine's Day themed posts anyway for a chance to win a secret prize. Yes, the best post (judged by me) will also win a personalized prize (I suggest you all start writing your wishlists! :P).

Sounds good? Join in! Project is open to ANYONE WORLDWIDE. Remember to tweet your posts with the hashtag #thevalentineproject and if you want to be entered for the prize, also tweet it at me (@nthnfncyrlly). Good luck lovelies. Share the love! <3

P.S. About the prize - I want to choose the best of the best and pick a prize especially for you, so that's why I cannot tell you what it is. It might be that makeup palette you've wanted forever or a perfume you've had on your wishlist (or a book. I approve of books). I will have a good rummage through your blog/social media and find the best gift for you!

Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 Sock Fashion Trends

source: weheartit

You may not think it, but when it comes to fashion you can actually make quite a statement with socks. Wearing the right kind of footwear can add something completely different to an outfit. Clothes that might seem quite average can be completed by having stylish socks. Socks are also a necessity in the winter when you need to keep your feet nice and toasty. You can even purchase thermal socks that help generate heat and keep your feet feeling cosy.

If you want to make a fashion statement this winter then get your hands on some unique socks that will completely transform your look. Quality and fashionable socks are also becoming very popular with men who feel investing in a good pair of socks is important. Here are some of the latest sock trends.

Over The Knee High Socks
Knee high socks are still in the picture, but recently a newer model has come out. Socks that come over your knees are now coming in to fashion. This is perfect timing for the winter because longer socks keep your legs and feet much warmer. Be brave and get some over the knee high socks so that you stand out this winter. Getting the right fit is very important as the correct size can really enhance your legs.

Bold Colours For Men
Men are getting more creative when it comes to  there footwear and socks this year. They are moving away from the traditional black and white standard socks and opting for brighter colours. Even men in suits can now be seen with bold socks that really stand out. Women are also happy to go for brighter colours. Get yourself some bright and colourful socks as a present of gift.

Personalised Socks
Personalised socks are becoming more popular. People just love socks that are specific to them. You can get socks with your initials on or even made to a specific design of your choice. Expect to see couples getting each other socks with their names on for Christmas.

Novelty Socks
Everybody enjoys getting a pair of novelty socks with their favourite cartoon or quirky design on. Novelty socks are ideal for everyday use and can be ordered in a huge range of styles. Get yourself some fun novelty socks rather than always buying the same plain pairs.

Statement Stripes And Patterns
Stripes and patterns seem to be all the rage at the moment when it comes to socks. Stripes and patterns are also popular with normal clothing, now the fashion trend has moved onto sock too. Stock up on some socks with bright colour patterns and stand out stripes.

Socks Under Open Shoes
Some people seriously question this fashion footwear trend. Over the summer especially it was common for people to wear socks under open shoes. This may seem like an odd trend, but if you do it right you can really rock this look. Go for bare legs and open toes and you should be able to pull it off.

Angela Hardy works as a fashion designer and loves to blog about clothing and the latest fashion trends. She recommends Sock Supermarket for all your footwear needs.


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Luscious Long Deep Treatment

On a recent trip to Budapest, I was thrilled to find Aussie stocked in one of their drugstores. I immediately grabbed this mask, which was recommend to me only weeks before by a friend, Maruša (thank you).

This mask has to be one of the easiest to use - no mess, no pot which you have to unscrew, the scent is lovely, and it works super fast. You squeeze the product out of a hole in the bottom of the packaging, and just the right amount comes out. I apply it to my ends, which are basically fried due to my ombre hair. It smells really creamy and soft, kind of like coconut and vanilla - I love it. I just leave the mask on for three minutes while I shower and then rinse it out. My hair is already noticably softer in the shower, but the effect appears when it's dry. My ends are just silky soft and so so lovely.

Below is a photo after using this product, but I do have to warn you that my hair is still pretty bad - however this has made a noticeable difference. I love it! If you have ombre hair I would strongly recommend this treatment, as I'm sure you've noticed it getting drier each time you applied color to it.

I honestly cannot remember the price, but it wasn't that bad - possibly around 10€ for this huge tube. You cannot get this in Slovenia, unfortunately, so if you travel to Budapest or Croatia, put it on your shopping list!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Parada Stella Bracelet

Today's post is in Slovene, because I'll be talking about a local company! Check back tomorrow for an Enghlish review or watch a video or two on my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/nothinfancyreally

Danes vam predstavljam zapestnico, ki sem jo dobila s strani http://paradanakit.si/. Čudovita zapestnica Stella ima pozlateno ogrodje, ki je okrašeno s krasnimi zelenimi kamenčki. Meni se zdi, da lepo pristaja k moji ASOS uri, pa vam? :)

P.S. Parada nakit je bila tako prijazna, da mi je poslala 2 zapestnici - za drugo se lahko do jutri potegujete na moji Facebook strani https://www.facebook.com/nothinfancyreally. Nagrajenec bo izbran ob polnoči!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Mama Nature Queen B

If you buy one thing this month, make it this amazing mask by Mama Nature, an all natural skincare company. Ranging from products to treat your skin condition to oils, you're sure to find something to love from this amazing brand! I absolutely fell in love with Queen B, a beauty balm which looks like wax and applies like an oil.

Let me start off by describing my skin for any new readers, as those who have been reading me for a while surely know what it's like ... I used to have terrible acne which is gone now and I rarely break out, though my skin is still very clogged, as you can see in the photos. I also have combination skin, which is very oily on the T-zone. I applied this mask for the first time and thought it was a cleansing balm at first, so I rinsed it off and was immediately left with beautiful soft skin. After doing more research I left it on for a couple of hours yesterday (it feels and looks like oil on the skin) and I woke up with the results you see on the second photo of my skin, the first being taken yesterday evening before applying the mask. I used to have terribly bumpy skin, so having it this soft and beautiful is something completely new for me and I am amazed (also Tilen is getting annoyed by me coming up to him and asking him to touch it). Seriously guys, you need this in your life!

Queen B can be found on the Mama Nature website here.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ultraflesh Shinebox Highlighter and Shimmer Collection

I was contacted by StrawberryNet recently and offered to review this palette of highlighters they send out to bloggers. To be honest, I really wasn't expecting much, when these offers for bloggers come out, they're usually products with terrible pigmentation that companies just want to get rid off. That being said, this palette. Is. Amazeballs.

In it, you get five different highlighters. The palette opens like a wheel and is absolutely gorgeous! Ranging from gorgeous rose gold shades to sparkling whites, it just has everything you might need as far as highlighters go. The first one is powder, while the second two are creamy and the last two are in pencil form, but incredibly creamy as well. I was definitely not expecting to like this, much less absolutely loving it!

You can find this and many more bloggers on StrawberryNet's site, and if you're a fellow blogger I would definitely recommend signing up for their program and you could receive this gorgeous palette as well! Link: StrawberryNet

Friday, January 3, 2014

Treating Dry Skin in the Wintertime

First of all, a happy new year to all of my lovely readers! I hope 2014 brings everything you wished for when the clock struck midnight. Second, you're probably all expecting my 2013 Favorites, but unfortunately I'm not at home right now - which is also my excuse for lack of posts and videos, and I'm just finiding it incredibly hard to film and shoot at Tilen's place! I managed to put together this post, however, and will leave you with promises of more, as I am returning home tomorrow and will have new content up during the weekend.

I've never been a person with dry skin. Mostly it was oily or at the very least combination, while the skin on my body was pretty normal. This has changed for some reason this year, and I've had annoying dry spots and patches on both my face and body. Today I decided to post about a few products that have been helping me treat these issues.

I'll start of with the Yves Rocher Organic Oats Silky Lotion. When I used to work at YR, customers came back for this and were very loyal to it, while I completely neglected it. Tilen got a bottle at random and it is just now that I see why everybody loves this product. It truly is lovely and very very gentle, so it would be suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. It has a very pleasant and light scent of oats, which is quite relaxing. I also like the consistency, which is just runny enough and not too thick. The price is 5,50, I think, and you get a huge bottle! So a complete bargain as well. I would also recommend you to get the additional pump for the lotion as it just makes dispensing it so much easier.

Next up is an absolute miracle product which I've been meaning to talk about for ages now. I'll post a more detailed review of it soon, but for now let me just say that Weleda Skin Food is an absolute skin savior and a delight to use, as it treats even the sorest and driest patches. 

Finally, we have Melvita's Extraordinary Oil for combination to oily skin. Now if you're like me, you're thinking "I ain't puttin' that thang anywhere near mah face, gurlfriend!" When you have oily skin, the mere mention of additional oil will send you running in the opposite direction. However, this is a really lovely product that I've been enjoying especially now during the wintertime. It sinks in pretty fast and feels quite light on the skin, you truly don't greasy or anything. I can post a more detailed review, if you're interested, but generally, I use this all over my face while I apply Skin Food on the dry patches. It really works like a charm.

There you have it, my top three picks for winter, when our skin is prone to dryness. I do hope this helps.

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