Y'know, I was never one of those people who watched Youtube videos and then ran out and got everything the person mentioned. Emphasis on the WAS. Of course, then Essiebutton came along.

Recently, Essie mentioned this Dove Dry Shampoo in a favorites video and it was in the back of my mind when I went to Budapest. I was really excited when I spotted this product in their drugstore and I knew I had to have it right away. Now please whatever you do, don't ask me about the price of this, because Hungary has a different currency and I honestly don't have the foggiest. It wasn't expensive, that's all I remember. And since I just ran out of my Schauma Cotton Fresh dry shampoo, it was the perfect opportunity/excuse to get this one.

I quite like the change I made in my routine - to be honest, as much as I love Schauma's dry shampoo, I had grown a bit tired of it. This has a different scent, which is a nice change, and I also love the way it works. You don't need a lot of it, honestly, and it soaks up the oils rigt away. But let's talk about the one thing I love most about it. Volume, my peeps. Major, huge, unmistakeable VOLUME!! This makes my hair absolutely huge and I love using it on second day hair and then curling it for masses of curls. Hello, big hair! Sayonara limp locks! Other generic statements with an exclamation mark at the end!

Definitely one to try! (Živa, take it down on a notch on the exclamations, fo' real though.) I am trying to cut down on washing my hair using this - God knows what I'll do when I run out - but my hair is so so bad lately, even straight after I wash it, it still looks greasy ... I'm thinking I need a good clarifying shampoo. Do you have any suggestions? I'm just sick of my hair being so blah.