I cannot believe I have not mentioned this product before, as I have probably repurchased it twice already and absolutely love it. I am talking about this dry shampoo from Schauma, namely from their Cotton Fresh line. I do want to try some other dry shampoos, but this is great because it's readily available here in Slovenia and I can just grab it when I'm in the drugstore.

Now, normally I do not like using dry shampoos. They make my scalp itch and I really do not like the feeling of them on my hair. However, sometimes you're just in such a hurry you don't have much of a choice and you need something to help your oily hair since you don't have time to jump in the shower. It's also a great product if you want to stop washing your hair everyday - just use it on the day in between washes and give your hair a break.

This dry shampoo is not expensive at all, I think it costs around 4€. I really like the scent, makes me think of laundry day, as it smells exactly like linens drying after a wash. It is white, so it will be more noticeable on dark hair, but you can easily comb it out. It really does a good job helping with oiliness and I also like the volume it gives my hair. As I mentioned, I think it's perfect for second day hair, as you can do curls (they will hold better than on freshly washed hair) or different updos. For me, this is especially useful, because I have a fringe/bangs which get very oily quite fast, so if I need a quick fix I just use this. It won't last you ages, but given the price, I don't think that's problematic. I've tried Batiste before and I have to say I prefer this one (not saying that Batiste is bad, I had the Blush scent and I just prefer the scent of this one). Definitely not a product I would use on a daily basis, but I find it great for quick fixes and when I'm in a hurry.

You can get this dry shampoo from drugstores (D&M, Müller) for around 4€.