Labello's lip butters arrived on the market a while ago and were so hyped up I just had to get them. They come in round tin packaging in two different scents. Beside Raspberry Rosé and Vanilla & Macadamia, there are two other scents (Caramel something and the original), which unfortunately aren't available here in Slovenia.

While I am a fan of Labello products I have to say I let the hype get the best of me this time. These products are petroleum based and that really doesn't do much for my damaged lips. When I'm using lip products, I go for two kinds: either a color for when I'm going out of the house, or something really nourishing when I'm at home. Unfortunately, these are neither of those things. Even though the Raspberry Rosé lip butter is pink, it does not deposit any color on my lips. And as far as nourishing goes, they really don't do much (they might for you if you don't have too demanding lips, but since I bite mine, I really need something stronger). They do, however, give your lips some nice shine and aren't sticky in the slightest. But I'm not a huge fan of my natural lip color so I would prefer something tinted.

Now I have to say the main reason I fell for these was the scent and it is really amazing. Vanilla & Macadamia smells silky smooth, like vanilla and also kind of nutty, which is a nice contrast. Raspberry Rosé does smell like raspberries, but I don't detect any wine in it, the scent is still lovely though. You'll want to lick these straight off of your lips, trust me. On the scent front they really do deliver, so if you're looking for a nice shiny lip balm with a good enough to eat smell, look no further!

Labello Lip Butters are available in drugstores worldwide for around 3-4€.