Today I'm reviewing a hair product that I've really been loving these past few months. It has possibly the longest name ever which I actually shortened in the title! So let's hear it for (get ready, set, go!) Dove Hair Therapy Nourishing Oil Care Leave-In Conditioner Spray! Ooof! Now that that's over with, let's get on with the review.

I remember reading an interview with Lauren Conrad absolute ages ago. In it, she said that she loved Dove hairspray, because it didn't make her hair crunchy. Now let's just take a moment to image teenage Živa as she read this statement. I was probably sporting a flannel and panda eyes, with my hair *literally* pasted to my forehead with sh*tloads of hairspray. I probably went through one bottle per week. No joke. Okay, so here is Lauren Conrad (whom I loved even in my panda-imitating & bands-that-don't-even-play-music-but-just-scream loving period) saying that Dove makes this miracle hair product. It kind of stuck in my head for years after that, and when bloggers started hyping up this leave-in conditioner, I knew I really wanted to try it. When I spotted it in Müller I got it immediately and I remember being really pleasantly surprised with the price which was very low.

You have to shake up this product before you use it, so the oil mixes with the other ingredients. It has a spray pump, so you just spray it onto your hair. Let me just say that in the past, I have used tons of this and it still didn't make my hair greasy, so if that's your concern, don't worry. Besides making my hair visibly softer and shinier, it can also be used as a detangler. I get these terrible knots in my hair, and this really helps when I'm trying to comb them out. I have found that no other product does this for me, not even the Gliss Kur sprays which I used to love - this one is better. And another plus is definitely the way my hair feels when I use it. Whenever I use this product, my hair actually feels soft and not brittle like usually, and my ends look way better. Because I have ombre on my ends, they are very very dry - when I come out of the shower they're actually already dry, which is terrible. This really improves the way they look and my hair appears a lot healthier. However I don't know if it has a long-term effect on my hair - I only notice a difference when I use it and not after using it for a while (my hair isn't improved permanently). But even as a temporary fix I really like it, and in the meantime, I'm searching for a nice hair mask that will really do something more for my hair - recommendations welcome. :) So all in all, a winner for me.

This product is available in drugstores worldwide for around 3-4€.

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