As I told you in my first video, I actually interviewed at Lush a while ago. Unfortunately, I didn't end up getting the job, but the interview reminded me of how much I loved their products and that I really needed to start using them up. I've had this Lemony Flutter for a few months now, and just recently started giving it the love it deserves.

Lemony Flutter is a product for dry skin, mainly targeted at cuticles. I've noticed that this is a favourite of many beauty and nail polish bloggers and I totally understand why! The main thing it does is make your skin super soft, so besides using it on my cuticles, I also quite like applying it to other dry areas, like my elbows. As far as treating wounds goes (hangnails etc.), I haven't noticed a difference while using this, but then again, it's not intended for that. But it is very successful in softening the skin around my nails, so it would also be perfect if you want to remove your cuticles, as it will be a lot easier to do so. Personally I just leave mine alone (apart from biting them on occasion, oopsa-daisy), and find that this still serves a purpose. I also use it just like a regular hand cream and it makes my hands super soft and really moisturized. For a more intensive treatment, you could also apply it overnight with a pair of gloves over, and I'm sure your skin will be nice and supple. And of course, I'm not going to end this review without telling you what this smells like! It's a true lemon scent, so it will be perfect for you if you like fresh citrusy fragrances, and this one is definitely strongly scented.

Lush Lemony Flutter costs around 10€ and can be bought in Lush stores worldwide.