Today I'll be reviewing this L'oreal Micellar Solution. Let me start off with a bit of history when it comes to micellar solutions ... I have tried quite a few (and will publish a comparision post soon), and I really did not like Bioderma - it was really rough on my eyes and they itched and stung like crazy. While this L'Oreal fellow isn't as praised, I was actually very pleased with it! Seems like I'm always the one with the opinion that is contrary to popular belief, eh? :)

So, this guy (I don't know why I keep thinking it's a male, I mean it *is* pink. Then again, why am I talking about a makeup remover as if it has a gender? I'll just shut up). So it looks like regular water, just like any other micellar and I really don't think it has a scent which I appreciate. Sometimes it's nice using a product that is really inoffensive on your face. As far as makeup removing goes, I actually think it does a pretty good job - I use two cotton pads, one for my eyes and one for my face, and that's enough. It really removes a lot, even though I like to follow up with a face wash to make my skin as clean as possible. Another thing - it really doesn't irritate my eyes, which are apparently very sensitive - I didn't even know I had sensitive eyes until I tried some of these micellars and they burned really badly. Actually, what more could you want from a micellar solution? Inoffensive, non-irritating, gentle and great at removing makeup. It's also really inexpensive, half the price of others!

You can get this at most drugstores for the price of around 6€.

P.S. Felt like I needed to write about a L'Oreal product after I gave a bad review to one of their shampoos yesterday as I genuinely love the brand.