Aloha! I'm not in Hawaii. Sadly. But I am at the seaside, and I just started learning about the benefits of sun protection. I was good the first few days and wore it, but then I was lazy yesterday and decided I'd be okay without it. Big mistake Živa, big mistake. I burnt terribly and now I look like a lobster. In case you don't want to repeat my mistake, which you really shouldn't, I'll be showing you a few of the sun protection products I'm using on this vacation. Today I'll be talking about sun protection for the face.
When I get ready, I love using the Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 50 Mattifying Face Fluid. This was, again, recommended to me by Isa, which automatically means I have to buy it, because I know it will be an amazing product if she likes it. It really is great, especially for oily and combination skin, because it mattifies your skin and you won't even need a powder. The high SPF also means the best protection for your face and I guarantee you won't burn while using this. Another product I'm really loving at the moment is the REN Photoactive Sun Veil with SPF 15*, which was sent to me for review. This feels super light on the skin, but the lower SPF means you have to reapply it every hour or so. I do love the moisturizing ability it has, it also really refreshes my skin and I didn't burn it while using this, either. It would be an ideal product if you're spending your summer in the city, and it's also great if you've already built up a base tan, to further protect your face. I've been carrying this in my beach bag everyday, because it feels so light on the skin - the Vichy product is great for use in the morning, then I follow up with the REN moisturizer throughout the day.
I'm sorry I haven't been posting as much these days, but I'm finding it super hard to find places to take photographs (yours truly nearly broke her back while trying to take the above pic). The beach is packed! But hopefully I'll be back yesterday with another summer themed post.

Which summer related posts would you like to see?