I, the crazy blusher lady, rarely hit pan on a blusher. Having so many, I rotate them heavily and many of them do not get the love they deserve. However, there are a few in my collection that I have been using like crazy. They are, unsuprisingly, all pinks in varying tones and amounts of shimmer/glitter. My favourites include Sleek Pixie Pink (great value as it's really inexpensive), Illamasqua Sob (a cream blusher which I absolutely adore), Illamasqua Morale (from a few years back, not sure if it's still available - sorry :( ), Stila XOXO palette (you can get the Love palette this year) and two MAC favourites, Well Dressed & Dame.

Coincidentally, it is also my birthday today. *happy dance* I hope your day will be just as lovely as mine. <3