I'm finally back from my vacation, which was lovely apart from being eaten alive by mosquitoes - I swear I have 25 bites on my legs alone. Unfortunately, I really could not post at the seaside, which is such a shame, because there were some lovely sites to take photos - all of them inhabited by avid sea-goers, which made it next to impossible to take nice pictures. Well, I will try to make it up to you by posting more now, even though I have to study like crazy for finals which begin in a weeks' time. 

Today I wanted to talk about these Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows, which are new to me, but have been around for a while now. I picked one up on a whim in my local drugstore and I am in love. I got the shade On and on Bronze, which seems to be quite popular on the internet. It really is a true bronze, a beautiful color even for me, and I normally don't even like bronze tones. It can be used as a base or by itself - I prefer using it by itself as it's such a beautiful color. It lasts like no other, seriously, that claim about it being 24h might be just right! I didn't even need a primer with this one and my eyelids just love to crease especially in the hot and humid summer time. However, not a smudge in sight with this one. And the best part? It costs the bargainous amount of 5€! Absolutely amazing for such a product and I would strongly recommend it even for going into autumn. I for one will definitely be picking up a couple more shades!