I've been loving Lavera lately, namely their face cleansing gels. I used to be one of those people who only used face wipes (awful, I know!), and it's just in the past year that I've started using something to properly remove my makeup as well as cleanse my skin. I cannot tell you how big of a difference that has made to my skin - it's really noticeable! These two products are really faintly scented, but they still smell very pleasant and herbal. The one on the left is for sensitive skin, while the right one is for combination and oily skin, and I would definitely recommend both. According to Lavera's website, they both use organic plant extracts, like Ginkgo & Grape, and Melissa & Mallow. They're great for removing leftovers of makeup (I've even used them both for removing my face makeup, but I would steer clear of the eyes if I were you), and you won't even need a toner with these. They don't make your skin feel tight at all, which is great. Really great products, and the price tag is around 7€ for each.