Since I'm staying at Tilen's house right now, the posts I'm publishing are a little different, but I hope you don't mind. Besides taking walks along the beautiful and picturesque lake and swimming in the pool, I'm also learning about flowers and their use in the kitchen and beauty. All these lessons are coming from Tilen's mom Majda, who I've mentioned a couple of times before, and I love dearly. Today I'm bringing you a post about how to use some flowers that you can find growing in your own garden to your benefit, and I do hope you enjoy it. This post was written with the help of Majda, and also a lovely book by Maria Treben, called 'Gesundheit aus der Apotheke Gottes'. 

I'll be talking about three flowers today, and the are thyme (also called 'materina dušica' here in Slovenia), lavender and St John's Wort.

In the second photo, you can see the beautiful yellow blossoms of the St John's Wort. Majda says it's also called 'the flower of cheerfulness'. It can be used against burns from the sun or as an apres-sun moisturizer by combining the dried blossoms with olive oil. It will take a while for the oil to sink in, but your skin will be glowing and radiant afterwards. You can also make a tea out of it to help your mood and to stop stress. This plant grows in the summer months and is up to 1 meter high.
When I read the book, I found out that it is also great for infections, wounds and to help relieve pain. It is also great with different mental illnesses, like depression, panic attacks etc. You can also use it for baths!

In the third photo we have thyme. It is mostly known as a herb used in cooking and it can also be used for tea. The giveaway for this plant is the wonderful scent. It is great with cramps and really helps relieve the pain. It's also good with illnesses of the respiratory system.
The book says you can also use it in baths, make a syrup or oil, or even herb-filled little pillows.

And last, we have the wonderful lavender. A favorite of many people because of its lovely scent, lavender truly is a multi-tasking plant. Majda says she likes to make tea out of it to help headaches, it's also used as a herb, as a ... um, how do I put this ... well, it shooes moths away. :D And it's also quite calming, so you can put the dried flowers in your pillow to help you sleep.

Well, there you have it, my first post about natural remedies. I hope I've shown you that you can find wonderful plants in your very own garden. If you are interested, I can also post about a homemade tea that Majda makes and is absolutely AH-MAZING. I drank it in gallons this past winter and I cannot wait for the new batch to be ready. Please let me know if this is interesting to you and if you would like to see more!