Another little review of a few products that were sent to me along with the REN skincare, which I've already reviewed here. Lately I've been completely obsessing over REN, it really is worth the hype as the products are lovely. I've popped the Neroli and Grapefruit Body Wash* in the shower and it's been well-loved, despite having about three other body showers in there, I've been reaching for this one constantly. It's especially lovely to use with a loofah, because it lathers it up even more. This body wash is very gentle, but still cleanses very well, it lathers up quite nicely and your skin doesn't feel squeaky clean when you're done showering, but instead refreshed and clean. The smell is lovely as well, I'm a huge fan of neroli as well as grapefruit. I actually had to google Neroli because I knew it had something to do with orange blossom, but wasn't sure exactly what that was. Turns out, neroli is an oil produced from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree (straight off of Wikipedia). So if you like citrus scents, you will most definitely like this, it's also a little bit floral. As far as grapefruit goes, I'm sure we all know what it smells like, and it really is a lovely combination - personally I find it great for morning use, when you need something to wake you up. The Neroli and Grapefruit Body Cream* is also really nice, especially to use after your shower with the body wash. It's not very thick and absorbs into the skin in seconds, leaving it feeling very refreshed and moisturized. If you like applying body products in the evening, however, I would definitely recommend the Damask Rose Body Cream*. It's a bit of a heavier scent, which will be perfect for unwinding and falling to sleep. It's definitely a true rose, a beautiful floral with a velvety undertone. It's also a little bit thicker, but still absorbs really fast and your skin will feel amazing afterwards, like velvet - just like the scent.
Thought this post would be quite helpful for those of you who've tried REN before and didn't know they also did body products, which are equally amazing. I also have two other products from them for review, so do let me know when you'd like to see that - the first one is the famous Pore Detox Mask, and the other is their Mineral Veil. I do hope you don't mind my reviews with products that were sent to me, but I write my honest opinion here, and if I don't like a product that was sent to me, I will not write about it. So when I do these posts, you know they're products I genuinely like and would repurchase with my own money. :)