Every month or so, I'll be featuring a new candle. I've loved candles for ages, but recently the blogger craze got the best of me, so I decided to start this new series in which I'll share with you my favorite scents. Today I'm featuring one of the wonderful Yankee Candles, which, for me, are the absolute winners in the candle category. The one I'll talk about is their Lemon Lavender candle. This scent is absolutely beautiful, being a true lavender with a quite obvious hint of zesty lemon, which really makes the fragrance sparkle. These burn beautifully, just make sure it burns all around the rim the first time you light it. They will make your room smell amazing, even if you don't burn them - just take the lid off and walk into a fresh room, full of the smell of lavender and citruses. By the way, these lids are super practical when you're not using the candles, they do the job of keeping the dust off!