I have periods in my life when I focus on different things, like the topics of this blog. Once it'll be books, then perfume, then makeup. Right now it's fashion! So that's why I'm coming to you with a new series about building a capsule wardrobe. That is essentially a wardrobe which will take you anywhere from a night on the town to a stroll in the park. Today I wanted to show which are the items I think you should spend/save on. Let's get started.

Versatile items that you'll wear time and time again, in my case a timeless black skirt that will look good with my pear-shaped figure, will last for years. I've found that the best shape of skirt (or dress) for me is a skater or pleated shape, because they hide my wide hips. The skirt is great because it's a separate and you'll be able to mix it up with a variety of items and create loads of different outfits.

Leather jackets are a must-have for my wardrobe, and I think the master here is Rick Owens. One day I'll hopefully own a leather jacket by him, until then, my Primark version will have to do. But a nice, quality version will last you a lifetime, and if you pick a good cut, it will stay in fashion, too. (By the way, if you are shopping on a budget or really don't want to spend the money, my afore mentioned Primark faux leather studded jacket is absolutely amazing and has lasted me 5 years so far - it looks just as it did when I bought it).

Boots & shoes are another one of those items that you need to take time and care when choosing. If you spend a lot of your time on your feet, it's very important to go for quality fabric as well as a good heel and sole, so you don't end up damaging your feet. I chose three of my favourite pairs I hope to own someday, my favourite of the three being Alexander Wang's Anouck boots.

This is more of an in-the-middle item, but for me it's still a spend. I would say a Michael Kors watch is definitely a must-have, in the color that suits your skintone the most, be it gold, silver, or the currently popular rose gold. The watches are really well-made and timeless. I do have a cheaper watch from ASOS which is already tarnished after less than half a year of use! 

The final thing on my Spend list is a striped sweater. If you like classic pieces, go for a traditional one, but I like classic with a twist, so I fell in love with this one which has silk ruffles cascading down the back. You will wear the heck out of this thing, because I basically goes with everything. Wear it with your favourite pair of jeans, a nice skirt, mix patterns over a floral dress ... Anything goes!

A nice trench coat will do wonders for your wardrobe, and you can truly wear it anywhere. I think a Burberry one is essential for any wardrobe, and even though I am nowhere close to owning one, I hope to be a proud owner one day. 

So, my rules in general when it comes to spending on fashion items would be:

  • Splurge on classic, timeless piece that will remain fashionable for years (or you won't feel silly wearing them in a few months' time).
  • Make sure you really love the item before you spend the dough.
  • Buy items as a special treat, for example a reminder of a super successful month at work.
  • Quality, not quantity.
  • Go for neutral colors (and prints can be neutral too - I consider a great striped piece or even leopard print in brownish colors neutral as well).

A camisole which you can layer under other clothes or wear by itself will do wonders at tying your wardrobe together. My favourite one is a black silk number from Zara with lace on the top and bottom, and it's beautiful after about 7 years of wear! I would recommend them in neutral colors, but a nice pop can also be added by purchasing one in a neon, or jewel tones.

Denim jackets are a must-have for me. I would say save on this item, just make sure it's made of cotton and a great cut. I got mine from ASOS for around 50€, it's an oversized fit with a vintage blue wash, and I really adore it. I might add another jacket that is shorter and more fitted, because they are very versatile, but it's not a priority at this point.

T-shirts. Nothing can be as chic or as stylish as a super simple outfit of ankle booties, your favourite pair of jeans and a great cut tee. I have yet to find the perfect one, but my suggestion would be to go for natural fabrics and avoid Polyester. In the end, these tees will need replacing sooner or later (especially when it comes to white colors), so you don't want to cry over the money you spent on them.

A trendy pair of sunnies is best bought at a cheaper price, because they will go out of style and next year you'll want another pair. Don't get me wrong - I've wanted a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers most of my life, and I will eventually get the real thing! But when it comes to shapes like cat-eye or round frames, it's best to save up as these trends change super quickly.

So all in all, what are my rules when it comes to saving on fashion items?

  • Go for trendy items, but make sure you love them still and won't discard them as soon as they go out of style.
  • Go bold or go home!
  • Go for natural materials that will let your skin breathe.

So there you have it, the first post in my series of building your wardrobe. What do you think, is this interesting? Would you like to see more? Please let me know your opinions in the comments down below, they will be greatly appreciated.