Okay, okay, I know. We're in the middle of summer, and I'm writing a fall shopping post?! What the ... Well, my reasoning is that I like to plan things ahead and I like to be prepared. So this fall, when it comes to shopping, I have a few things in mind and I will be looking to invest in the pieces mentioned in the photo above. They will be my investment pieces of the season and while I do plan on buying a few filler pieces to complete my wardrobe, these will be the main things I buy for fall.

Fall for me is full of transitional pieces that can work in summer, or even in winter. I'm looking to invest in a nice pair of ankle booties, of which I have two pairs, but they are looking very worse for wear. I think a good pair of boots will last for years, so they're definitely worth spending a bit of extra money on. Another item I've been coveting for years is a light scarf, namely the skull one from Alexander McQueen. Opinions differ about this scarf, but for me it's a classic piece and also a remembrance of one of my favorite designers, who passed away a couple of years ago. What I would really love to get is a striped sweater, because the one I had before (from Zara, it got ruined in the wash), was a staple piece for me and I ended up wearing it loads, especially with black skirts like the one in the picture above. And the last thing are a couple of basic tees, which I could layer with, as well as mix and match with different bottoms.

P.S. I do have to admit that I cracked this week and bought some things at Zara and H&M, even though I've been successfully resisting them for a while now ... Tilen says that money is burning a hole in my pocket, which essentially means that once I have some, I've gotta spend it. :D It's a terrible mentality, but I do feel the urge to buy beautiful things and it's definitely hard to resist. I actually started this whole capsule wardrobe thing because I feared I was verging on the shopaholic territory. And I do have a few tips about resisting shopping as retail therapy, so if you're interested in those, please let me know.